LCK is shipped with 2 standart animation set, basic and strong. But it's possible to add its own animations. They can be home made or bought. Here is a list of animation sources.


Available on Ossus Market. Almost all the standart Ligthsaber positions, 500L$ each

Made by Ashley Alexander

Second Frame Edit

Avaliable on SLExchange for 800L$. It's a two hand animation for males avatars.

Fusion Edit

Fusion Lightsabers have their own set of animations.

IDC Edit

IDC has a set of combinable saber animations, available on Xstreet Full perm or Copy Only, also viewable and purchasable in world.

F/LCK Edit

F/LCK is shiped with 2 extra saber animation sets. Available at Taris

Abranimations Edit

Doesn't make lightsaber animation directly but has regular sabers animations which can be bough individualy.

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