Lillyanna is a Young human woman, Born on Ruusan, who has spent her early life learning and studying in Coruscant, as well as helping the Jedi Temple restoring certain archives. She now finds herself back home as an Archivist for the New Order.


Before the NOJEdit

Born on Ruusan to a hard working farming family she was different from her siblings. From a young age she demonstrated a thirst for knowledge that could not be sated. She would seek out history and data-disks where she could find them. An inquisitive and some what naive girl she grew in her small community without much interest in the farming side of her family. She did however help her father design a new irrigation system for their farm which cut the overall work dramatically when she was only twelve.

As she began to reach puberty, she found she could read people easily and helped with negotiations for better cubits for their crops which helped the family prosper, and if someone was trying to rip them off she would tell her parents what she sensed.

Her parents seeing how gifted she was becoming knew that keeping her on Ruusan would not open Lillyanna up to the universe and would limit her prospects. So this in mind they sent her to an Academy Of Science & Learning on Coruscant when she was 18. There she learned greater knowledge and understanding of how the universe worked and had her first experiences of the force and what it means.

Still learning at the Academy. She was asked to help restore the Great Jedi Archives, with the various conflicts and the subsequent decimation. Even though the archives had been restored but there were still some databanks in the second hall which were dedicated to Mathematical and engineering sciences, that was in need of cataloging and with all the new entries coming in each day they needed outside help to ensure the archives were back to their former glory and complete. The Jedi Council had approached the Academy for trusted individuals to help in this process and she was one of the lucky ones chosen.

At the age of twenty whilst working in the archives she was talking with a young Padawan about her strong intuitive gifts, he informed her that she was a force sensitive. She just shrugged it off. It was not a life that interested her so she decided to just continue on her quest for knowledge and not explore this new side of herself.

Whilst she was away she received news her home planet of Ruusan was under threat from a Super Nova. The Jedi that reside there approached her family for help. Lillyanna's Family at the time were high standing within the horticultural community and considered amongst the leaders in their field. The planet was evacuated to the orbiting space station, taking with the them samples of crops and native plants. They helped cultivate the specimens on the station and once the Jedi said it was safe to return to Ruusan, they helped transport down all that they have saved and assisted with the terraforming & Vong-forming the surface of Ruusan. Making it habitable once again.

Being a force sensitive she has ease reading people, and knows when someone close to her is in trouble, this is why she now finds herself returning to Ruusan. Her Father had taken ill, feeling the need to be at his side, she left Coruscant to return to her home. She was with her father when he passed and her elder brother Tieva and his wife Juliet has now taken over the farm with their three children and looking after her heart broken mother. Kyla, in the years Lillyanna was away has married a decent man Gareth and has two children of their own.

After her Father passed and he family really set in their lives, Lillyanna found herself alone. She had heard of the Valley of the Jedi on her home planet from the archives. Needing a purpose once again she finds herself now at the Jedi Academy offering her services to the Jedi Order now based there, as a historian and keeper of the knowledge of the Jedi.

A New PathEdit

During her time at the New Order of the Jedi. She met Grant. A jedi who she felt inexplicably drawn too. When she was off duty she found herself spending more and more time with him. One night he kissed her. Having already been force sensitive the kiss formed a force bond between them. Now open fully to the force it was discovered she was an empath. It became a race against time to train her in force ways. It was no longer a choice, she needed Jedi training to aid her in controlling the force within her.

Taken on for training by Master Seven, she excelled in her studies hitting level four padawan before disaster struck. Grant left the academy and was cut off too her. No matter how much she tried to reach him through their bond, he did not return. The Vong had returned and hit her home town on Ruusan, sensing her family was in trouble, she left the Academy without a word and rushed to their aid. Arriving too late she found her whole family had been wiped out by the Vong. All that was left of the family farm was smoldering ruins.

Filled with vengeance she went on a five month rampage, vowing to track down the Vong and kill them. Her untrained ways led her into only trouble and darkness within her. The darkside tempting her with every step she took. A voice in her mind constantly whispering her name led her too Korriban where she sat for a day meditating in the dark crystal caves.

Grant found her and after a confrontation he brought her too Monastery. A peaceful planet. Her battle with the dark within had weakened her immensely. Needing time to recuperate she has now restarted her studies with the aid of Grants old Master Mikori, wanting to be a full jedi knight and use her gifts to help the greater good.

After the destruction of the Force Nexus, she was a soothing light for many, including her Master who was grief stricken by the death of her Friend, Master Evo Hak. The Council saw that she was ready to become a Jedi Knight, and in a Ceremony with her love Grant Wickentower among the Masters who we're Knighting her, she was recognised as a Jedi knight.


Even though she reads people and situations well, she is very much on the outskirts, she keeps herself to herself and in a lot of ways a shy, naive person. Even though she is highly intelligent, she is socially awkward and finds being the center of any attention mortifying.