The Linden Banking Federation (LBF) is a galactic corporation and creator of the Galactic Linden Credit System, an account-to-account credit management and banking system designed to combat credit-counterfeiting and inflation which other galactic currencies have fallen victim to. The LBF is a decentralized organization with numerous planetary and orbital stations, each one kept secret in order to protect the integrity of the system and prevent itself from becoming the target of terrorist, criminal or political groups seeking to influence the value of the Galactic Linden Credit (GLC).

The LBF, while not as popular as Republic credits or other forms of credits, is often considered the most stable and reliable method of payment.

Behind the scenesEdit

The GLC is a RP-device in order to employ Linden Labs' L$ within RP in an in-character fashion. The creation of this RP plot-device is for the purpose of actually requiring players to "put their money where their mouth is," instead of every player being an uber-billionare In Character. Players may choose to only accept "Galactic Linden Credits" in order to combat the over abundance of super-rich characters by actually requiring player investment.

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