I am Potentium Master Linkin Thompson, First Master of the New Potentium Order, i was born on corellia in awe of adventurers such as Han Solo And General Antilles. True Heroes. When the Yuzhan Vong Attacked the spiral arm galaxy i was training as jedi on yavin under tuition from Kyp Durron And Master Luke Skywalker amongst others, The war ravaged hundereds of planets took millions of lives civillian jedi and sith alike, nothing could stop the yuzhan vong invasion. We where not strong enough to win, we should have lost, the jedi fearfull of losing thereselves to the darkside would not attack the Vong even though they ahd weapons that would have stopped the invasion in its tracks and saved billions of lives and hundereds of planets, but they where afraid so they allowe innocents to die. The galaxies saving grace was a planet called Zonama Sekot a living planet full awake in the force a believer in an ancien force philosphy called the potentium. After the war i sought out sekot and learned what i could from the planet about the ideology of the potentium. From this simple quest for knowledge i created a new order to rival the jedi temple on coruscant and on yavin, our sole mission as warriors of the peace, when any threat forms on the galxy the potentium kni9ghts will be there to risk ther very souls to take the peace back, allow the jedi to be the defenders of the peace but when they fail which they allways will we shall be there to strike first, strike fast and seize peace for the galaxy, wether our enemy be sith our alien evil shall be destroyed at any cost to ourselves.

Master Linkin Tomsen First Master Of The Potentium Knighst

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