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Logan Carid

Relaxing on Hoth

Logan Carid

What’s a hut’uun? A coward. Physical coward, moral coward, any kind of scum without the spine to stand their ground or do the right thing. We don’t have a word for hero. Being prepared to die for family and friends, or what you hold dear, is a basic requirement for a Mando, so it’s not worth a separate word. It’s only cowards we had to find a special word for.

Baltan Carid

The BeginningEdit

       There were many Mandalorians that were restless mercenaries; bounty hunters on the edges of the Rim searching for their next hit of credits to slip into their so called 'rightful hands' but what really turned the galaxy into balance were the few that changed the era. Most well known hunters were people like Boba Fett and his father; Jango Fett before and during the Legacy Era, but they werent the only Lineage to bring about the fanatical Mando'ade and those less fortunate. Baltan Carid was among one of those few who fought beside Boba Fett, who was already a veteran of his kind during his prime days of life. For what seemed like decades, no one heard anything about Baltan after his disappearance, and it seemed like people were beginning to think he was dead.The story does not end with his death, it begins with life. Little did they know that he had a son long ago, who also had a son. Logan Carid is the grandson of the former Baltan Carid.

Early LifeEdit

Logan Hunting

Logan learning his trade

          Before Logan Carid was to become a full adult Mando'ade, he had to learn his ways on Mandalore Prime and Concordia. His young age had given him a weakness that he hated the most; inexperience.When he was at the age of 12, he had brought to Concordia under the secrecy of a small clan known as the Takisir to shed his new 'skin' and earn his place. Logan had been scouting for several days with several surveillance droids in search of his new home; whom he had to find in order to progress to his next stage of life as a Mandolorian on Concordia when he had heard of his mothers death; grief and torment struck him then, and it haunted him for the next few years. At the age of 16, he ran into several thugs during his tracking for a bounty on Mandalore Prime, who pressured him into humiliating one of his best friends lives for the things that he had done in the past; Reno Cal'eth by hanging him infront of a cantina.

Logan had no intention of doing so until one of the thugs had mentioned that his life-long friend had been the reason for his mothers death only four years prior; executed from the back of the head from a bounty made by none other than his own clan, betrayed by Reno Cal'eth as the executioner and the clan he had joined, the Takisir. Not only did Logan cut his hands off, but he decided it was best to pick up one of the thugs blasters and fire ruthlessly into Reno's left leg, leaving only parts hanging in place as he walked away from him, knowing he wouldnt survive the mortal wounds he had caused. Then and only then were the Takisir bound for death, only time would tell for the old clan he abandoned and waited..patience became his only friend. Only then did Logan's bounty hunting life begin! At the age of 20, he was hired by many upheld and rich-worthy, dasterdly trade fanatics to eradicate their competition amongst the crowds of business' reaching across the near Galaxy. Many extortionists found him to be useful after his gruesome training had been utilized to assassinate and blackmail those who were seeking to trade in black-market dealings that became competition with one another. ==  The Hunt for The Takisir==      

The night was approaching for Logan and it was going to be pure vengeance for the ruthless killing of his mother. It was almost tradition for his clan; kill those that they care about, even if it changed who they had become. He did not care for that now, their purpose within the galaxy was no longer going to be an issue in Logan's eyes as soon as he had tracked down the remaining 17, including the three Mandalorians who had originally trained him during a seperatist meeting just along the edges of space near Concordia. It seemed that they were going to assassinate the seperatists; but little did Logan see that it was a trap. Within the fleet ship that he had boarded only moments prior, had he realized that it was a much different story, the information given to him was falsified by the Takisir crew and the Mercenaries posing as seperatists.

When Logan started his fight, it turned into an all out battle within the hallways; giving no sense to the style of stealth any longer; he would finally see that the seperatists(Mercenaries) were helping out the Takisir, Logan decided to shout out at them.."hut’uuns! I will take every last one of your heads this night!" he said, almost in an exasberated scream. He was so outraged that at that moment, he would turn the corner with a thermal detonator in one hand, and an old E-11 Blaster in the other before barging in and tossing the detonator into the center of the room; killing several people in the process. His blaster fire did work to six more as he slid down under a table and toppled it down to its side to use as cover fire. There was still a good 20 men now firing back at him and it only got worse as explosives started to get used back at him. One side of his helmet screen cover had been hit with shrapnel and his leg had blaster fire cut right through him, it started to look grim. At that last slow moment of realization that he was probably going to die right then and there for being so damn reckless; until suddenly a streak of blaster fire had appeared within the ship with several other Mandalorians firing back from above them. Logan was struck by what was going on.."Allies?" he asked in his thoughts as he took to standing as all but two of the Takisir were left alive. The Empress' Hand had arrived only moment after he had begun the fight; which he had been contracted by for 14 Million Credits to Assassinate an Ambassador Nej Jokani only days ago.

Logan Carid4

Death of the last Takisir, Malec Sokkan

When he finally remembered that he had spoken to the Empress herself over comm during a meeting with the Empress' Hand of the Assassination Bounty about his rage with the clan he once sought to learn so much from, the Hand had been watching him to make sure that he was going to get the job done; but knew her own interests were to help him finish off his personal agenda so that he can focus on his new life as a high-stakes Bounty Hunter. When Logan was basically at a limp, he started his walk over to the last two of his old pathetic clan; first deciding to blast his mentor, Malec Sokkan right in the face with no remorse. When he finally leaned down to look at the last of them briefly with an expressionless face.."You fucked up Mando'ade. Aay'han 'aruetii." slowly assuring his death as he used his blade to cut away at the last mans neck. Logan would take to every man's head from the Takisir with the intention of jettisoning them out onto the Concordia Orbit to watch them burn. That night, he also took his rugged and torn apart helmet and toss it along with the rest as he watched from his ship, that his vengeance was complete.

High-Stakes for the EmpressEdit

Logan was last seen leaving Mandalore Prime in his ship, the "Solesk" - a heavily modified frigate tuned attack interdictor of the CEC YG-1200 out into the Outer Rim that was given to him by the Empress' Hand to help achieve his assassination attempt. Six months would go by as his assassination attempt became ruthless and devastatingly difficult to get near the Ambassador due to a blockade along the Outer Rim near his whereaboutss until he finally got into contact with recent information in regards to his real whereabouts. Carid was all too happy to hear that the frail Ambassador was hiding away on an outpost that was being lightly guarded by a Jedi on the distant planet of Dantooine. When he finally arrived on Dantooine days later, he would start his search with his modified DRK-1 probe droid. In only six hours, was the outpost found, and his approach was near.
Logan Carid 2

Logan's Evolution

Logan was now a good 22 years of age and had never experienced a confrontation with a Jedi before, and knew that this was going to b a complicated task. Upon arriving (this time covertly) he would make his approach into the outpost from outside the larger end of the walls with his grappling look.."This better be it. So many credits its almost too good to be true!" he said under his breath. Carid had been selfishly thinking of it at that moment when he finally slipped down the other end of the wall. When he turned to his side, he would soon see that the Jedi had sensed him arriving; immediately brought out his newly modified Bowcaster and begun firing as soon as the Jedi started to charge at him. The Ambassador suddenly ran out of the outpost while being guarded by the unnamed Jedi in an attempt to get him to escape in the process of fighting. Logan was suddenly Force Pushed harshly into the wall where that blue hued lightsaber would swing right for his head. He would dive downwards and make a spiraled roll as he had dropped his Bowcaster and started firing his VPA-4 Spitfire towards the Jedi's chest. The bending of the blaster fire against the lightsaber would cause Logan to lower his head in shock at the redirection of it until he thought of an opportunity. Almost entirely frightened by how strange the confrontation and unknown it was to him, he would make for an evasive escape. Logan made a quick attempt at some more blaster fire before using his pack to jettison himself upwards, giving himself just enough momentum to get away from the jedi and onto pursuing the Ambassador.

The chase seemed to have gone on for a good ten minutes until he had finally decided to bring about his ship via datapad to do a flyby to delay and shock the Ambassador into turning into his pursuit; thus entrapping him. Logan knew that once this was done and evidence of the kill had been made, he would be pursued and known in the nearby galactic senate that he would become a prime target. That was the least of his worries though, and now he finally had the Ambassador trapped along a cliffside near another Dantooine Outpost, seemingly abandoned as it rained down a heavy pour from above. The final approach became all too quiet until he raised his blaster up to Nej Jokani, and asked one thing.."Do you think you were worth as many credits as they are about to give me Ambassador?" pausing to perhaps hear a response. Nej looked soaked by the rain pouring down as he was shaking and waving his hand out infront of him in fear.."No!! i am innocent ive done nothing wrong! Please dont do this.." the Ambassador pleaded, yet Logan knew of his deeds and his lifelong plans; this was his execution rergardless of what he was going to do."Jehaatir, 'di'kutla 'Usenye K'atini!" Firing his blaster into his chest three solid shots until the man was laying face down upon the ground, his eyes now peering out to look at the pouring rain starting to subside. Taking a step back, he would have his ship hook the body up into the docking and take ahold of the line as he stood on the Ambassadors body; now glancing out at what looked like several dozen men approaching. They were all jedi...yet it was too late for them, and his ship took him up and out of orbit after entering the docking of the ship with a huge sense of accomplishment. The next three years became either the best or the very worst for him.

The Empress' DemiseEdit

His eyes were closed, his hands tightly gripped to the table infront of him as he would glance down at his datapad only to see that his voyage of torment was finally over. Three years had gone by and not a single moment was there not a jedi or another bounty hunter after his head, yet every step of the way there seemed to be a voice, a very loud and undeniably powerful voice talking to him through every step of the way. As he got coordinates to his next location, he was reaching to enter in the datapad for his jump locking coordinates until he felt so undeniably alone all of a sudden. Shaking it off, he remembered that tomorrow was to be his 27th year of life, and he definitely didnt want to spend it down on this hell-hole of a ship.."Its time.." he said as he hit the coordinates and jumped into lightspeed!


Logan's Regret

When he finally came to from the lightspeed blurring his vision for a few seconds did he feel the real fear underneath his chest, his body felt as if it had been shot out and jettisoned into space, only to fall into orbit all at once. He had jumped into the worst possible situation imaginable, he was destined to arrive on the Sith world known as Dromund Kaas. Never in his life did he desire or even have an interest in going to a place like this; for it wasnt a home for Mandalorians much less for anyone for that matter.."Shit..this is not nuh'la" he said abruptly. The one who had been guiding him this whole time was one of the Empress' Hand, and even though he had acquired the vast amounts of credits he needed to survive for the rest of his Mandalorian life, this struck a huge nerve in his spine. Logan was basically forced to dock in the Empress' compound and was brought by several Sith to be accompanied to the Empress' Chambers. A chill continued to run down his spine as if it was never-ending at this point, his eyes widened at the depth of the halls and the such unknown and lack of knowledge he clearly could not completely comprehend yet...he was in the Empress' presence? What was LOGAN of all people doing there? I mean all he did was take a simple bounty right? "So I take it you listen well, Logan." a voice heard throughout the entire hallway until the doors finally opened up to the chambers. There the Empress' Hand was, a male and a female, seated just before the Empress on her highly exalted throne.."If it is for you my Empress, then it is always in my best interests to listen." he said, clearly unable to say the words he really would rather say, only to appease the ears. "I have heard of your deeds with the Ambassador and against the Jedi..I will have to admit I am impressed that after three years, youve listened to every bit of guidance i have given you young one." from the Empress' words to his ears, he would say.."I have accomplished the bounty that you have asked and have been hunted down like a dog for this long, what is it you wish of me if you do not mind me asking.." gulping down his words as he felt rather brave in saying that. The Empress' Hand had a human female by the name of Cayce Urriah at her side, and a Sith  by the name of Tyriss Jo'kef, the first and only warning he got after speaking his tongue was a strike from Tyriss, only to watch as Cayce would shun him off and look down at him.

The small conversation would go on until Logan, Cayce, and Tyriss would leave the Empress' chambers and into the halls, where his apparent alliance would become that of the Empress' Hand. Cayce would look up at him and mention.."She wants you to be under contract until you are no longer needed Logan, that means that you will be contracted by the Hand to do the work we ask you to, is that understood?" he heard her words carefully. Little did he know that this journey was just starting. (To be continued when i am able to write tomorrow :P)

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