Loolasoo is a bartender at the Taris Upper City Cantina. She often learns about shady business dealings as part of her work. She moonlights as a smuggler, always on the lookout for business opportunities.

Born to wealthy Nautolan society, she spent her youth as a dilletante and socialite among the higher social classes. When she came of age, she was given a choice by her parents... to accept an arranged marriage, or to travel around Glee Anselm as part of her father's "business". Gladly accepting the latter option, she quickly learned just what that business was.. her father was a bootlegger of illicit foreign beverages. In her family's opinion, the ban on intoxicants is stifling and unnecessary (and an symbol of the repressive puppet regime on Glee Anselm that kowtows to imperial hegemony). As her interest in the business and her business partners grew, she made the unusual decision to leave Glee Anselm and involve herself more directly in the interplanetary commerce. Imperial law enforcement is a constant obstacle she tries to overcome with charm and well placed bribes... she rarely engages in combat.

In the course of her travels, she has learned some rudimentary piloting skills, but remains largely inept with technical devices (unusual for a smuggler). She sometimes relies on an antique Anselminan energy harpoon carbine if combat is required.

Though business and smuggling are the way she makes her way in the galaxy, deep down, she is really something of a closet xenologist, learning everything she can about other planets, their cultures and habits. She loves fine art, music, literature, and will go out of her way to learn about or experience a new cultural experience.

Her hobbies include:

  • Singing and playing the Mandoviol. She occasionally sings old Nautolan folk songs that sound eerie yet pleasant in the air.
  • Swimming in exotic bodies of water... she feels that you cannot know a place until you have swam in its waters.
  • Observing alien flora and fauna. She enjoys exotic crustaceans and can be suprisingly aggressive when eating a particularly hard-shelled crustacean.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Loolasoo is a RP name for the character played by Furia Freeloader.