Skye Kross/Lord ArcanusEdit

((All Events happened in actual roleplay, except for childhood))

Skye KrossEdit

Skye Kross was born on Chandrila as a wanderer's son. His father died at a young age from food poisoning, his mother left to care for him alone. From town to town they wandered in search of knowledge, to learn all they could and because of this Skye Kross grew up to be a man who's interest was not in power but in knowledge. At age 21 his mother passed away and he began his search for what he's been told about all his life. The Force. He came across a young lady who claimed to be a Jedi master and took him under her wing into the academy called the Jedi Order of Light based on Dantooine.

He met a sith he had met inside the academy. The Sith had promised him more knowledge than he could ever dream, in return, she wished for him to spy on the order. He agreed and stood close to his master in the JOL. Growing from a padawan to a Jedi Knight, his master soon disappeared without a trace. Reacting on a whim, he took control of his masters teachings, leading search parties when he could. When all hope was lost, he took rank as Jedi master and began to teach the academy himself.

He twisted the teachings, warping the minds of the students so as better to fit the Sith teachings he was taught in the backgrounds of the academy. But when a new jedi order began to rise, he feared the worst. That his students would be shown the light by the New Order of the Jedi. In his panic, he called a meeting of all 24 students, and slaughtered them on the spot.

Not soon after did he vanish into the background of the galaxy, only to emerge a few years later as a bounty hunter decked in mandalorian armor he took from a Mando on Dxun. It was here he returned to Dantooine and met a Sith Lady named Raven (Salem Benedict). She hired him to take out the NOJ, the threat he faced himself back on Dantooine. He abided and arrived on Coruscant with a disciple of Ravens. Together they easily wiped out the vast majority (65%) of the students and knights, returning home to a very pleased Dark Mistress and her right hand maiden, Lady Chaos ((Nymph Zenith)).

<More to come>

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