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Lothar Spunken was born on the planet of Coruscant. His young life is relatively unknown until his resurfacing as an agent for an organization known as the Supremacy under an assumed name. Later, his position was absorbed by the Revenant Armada and he became a member of the elite Carnifex. Lothar Spunken currently serves as commander of the Department of Labor and Concentration and diplomat to the planet of Naboo.

The SupremacyEdit

Lothar Spunken was active in a terrorist organization known as the Supremacy for several years under the assumed name of "Armin Metrac". In his time there, he was responsible for acts of terrorism on the planets of Coruscant and Talus. One major incident was the lock-down of the PGA embassy and attacks on three prominent jedi. Also, he was involved with the capture and torture of P.G.A. military personnel on the planet of Korriban. His service to the Supremacy was subsequently ended upon it's absorbtion into the Revenant Armada.

Service Within the ArmadaEdit

All members of the Supremacy were subsequently put into a division known as the Carnifex. Lothar Spunken, still known as Armin, was made the second-in-command of this division and held the Marauder equivalent rank of Captain. He participated in numerous policing actions within the Empress Teta system as well as the Revenant invasion of Coruscant, after which he received a new commission from Major Matthew Xean

Outpost 29 and the Department of Labor and ConcentrationEdit

Shortly after receiving and award for his service in the Battle of Coruscant, he was sent to a location in deep space known as Outpost 29, a work facility under the control of the Revenant Armada. Lothar retained his Captain rank, he was appointed commandant of the facility and remained there, even after the initial fall of the Revenant. It wasn't until receiving a communique from Major Xean that he would return to the Core worlds. Upon his return, he was given command of the Revenant Department of Labor and Concentration and his Captain commission was reinstated officially. He is currently serving as diplomat to the planet of Naboo.

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