Quick Story to be Changed Later (All information is strictly OOC information Only)

(Note: Ax Rincgoth Lucian's Father is an Anzati, his mother Flur Dimora a Human)

The Story of Ax and Flur

The Birth of Lucian

Ax seduced Flur, weather out of love or bordom he lived with her for a while, she bore him a son (Lucian).

Shortly after his birth Ax then killed Flur draining her of her life essence and took his nameless son back to his home planet of Anzat.

Lucian remained with his father until he was 15 years old. His father teaching him the ways of their people, as well as stealth, and the art of murder and the hunt.

Discouraged at the apparent lack of skills his son poccesed Ax left him for dead on a Planet cover intirly by Swamps.After roaming the swamps for a few months the boy came across a village, the locals took him in and treated the boy like he was their own, giving him a name and a title in their village. The boy lived with them happily until he was 18, he was caught with one of the maidens from the village, his Anzati traits had begun to show. Two long tenticles came from sacks in his checks in his lust for the girl he had drained her of her life essence. Before the Locals could react to this horriable abomination however he lost control of his emotions and slew them all, afterwards he left the planet and spent the next 5 years roaming the universe on trade routes, working on ships and moving from planet to planet. He began to make a name for himself as a theif and a murderer. When he was 23 he was on his way to Tatooine in hopes of finding his next victum, in the crowds of people that were gathering for the swoop race tournament.During the voyage however the Golden Dawn (the ship he was on) was attacked by mauraders it escaped but not before the force of it's movment josseled the crate he was hiding in, the impact onto the deck not only broke the crate open but knocked him uncontious, when the crew found him he had no idea who he was or why he was on the ship.