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Before the crash. Lyder in the Rebellion

Lyder Norris is one of the main characters of the ESCAPE movies.

First Appearance - Arrival Part One

Last Appearance - Code 14-90

Before the CrashEdit

Lyder's father had walked out on him and his mother when he was just ten years old. Lyder worked for the Rebel Alliance, Spying on Imperial Traders and other Employees. He quit after he received an order to kill a smuggler, which he absolutely refused to do. Later on, he met Havel at an unknown time. They fell in love and subsequently married and years later divorced.

After they had split they both went their separate ways. Havel moved to Tatooine, and he moved to Naboo. Havel called him to ask that he might come to Naboo so that they could sort things out between each other. On the way he received a call to say his father's body was found on Dathomir in a crashed ship. He flew to Tatooine, met with Havel briefly before embarking on his journey to Dathomir. Of course he never made it, instead crashed on a planet named 'Titan One'.

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Lyder with the Rebel Spy - Malaki.

After the CrashEdit

Only Lyder and Graziak woke up in the water and swam to the nearest shore. They soon became friends of sorts. However, they fell out on 'Day Two' because Lyder was interested in finding help and wanted to take the role of leader, but Graziak refused to be told what to do. They split and went separate ways, never to see each other again.

Lyder was found by an Imperial Enforcer named Hypt. He was captured and brought to a Temple north of where he was found, where an Imperial Garrison were stationed. He was kept inside for a few days before being released and forced to join them. An old friend of his called Orad was discovered on the planet, and left days later.

A Rebel spy came to the planet 11 days after the crash, looking for Lyder, and he found him. His mission was to get Lyder off of the planet, expose it, and take him home. Malaki allowed Lyder to comm the ship that was on the way to the planet, as his ex-wife Havel was on board. After having realised on Tatooine that they DID love each other, they expressed their love for each other over the comm before finally being reunited.

After the RescueEdit

Once Lyder left the planet with Malaki and Havel, the General decided to activate Code 14-90. Unknown to some on the surface, he ordered Hypt to follow this command to keep Titan One safe from others & Lyders apparent return. Code 14-90 is a paradox repairer. The planet moved, shortly after Lyder's departure, but it is unknown if SpaceShip Jacob was aware of this movment. Havel mentions that they can not return Lyder to the real world saying they rescued him because of the panic & questions it would raise. She therefore put him in an Escape Pod and made him crash on Tatooine, he was picked up by an unknown man, who wanted to help him. Lyder expressed that he had been floating in space for weeks after a shuttle crash, and he was the soal survivor. The Galactic Court of Justice, didnt believe this story, and have imprisoned him under further investigation. The man who retreaved him from the crash site seemed to work for Commander Harris.

It is unknown who Commander Harris or his Mandolorian friend really are.

Current LocationEdit

He is currently inprisoned on Rori.

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