Lyon Varik is a Kiffar Jedi Initiate and member of the Jedi Order he is also a current student of the Uvena Prime enclave where he was stationed after the High Council on Coruscant decided that it was best for him and his training to move to a more quiet area, away from the gleaming streets of the Core.


Born on Kiffu but moved when his family emigrated to Coruscant when he was at a very early stage of his life. Both his father and mother prospered in the Manufacturing Industry, their corporation being a relatively big gun on a Galactic scale, they often spoiled their only child with luxury and large piles of credits with which he could do whatever he wished and they literally had his future all planned out for him. Their plans, however, halted when they became aware of his force-sensitivity. Although a hard decision to make, his parents decided to send him off to train in the Jedi Order as they didn't want to put his talent to waste.

Lyon became a youngling in the temple on Coruscant but was considerably slower when it came to force training than almost every other Youngling his age in the Temple. He had a particular difficulty with seemingly basic powers such as simple telekinetic abilities. However he had considerable lightsaber prowess and was more than capable of holding his own against older people and as he progressed he was actually able to, in some cases, spar and defeat Padawans. Although quickly advancing through his lessons in Lightsaber arts the fact that he was unable to learn about the force as freely as others depressed him to the extent of him actually wanting to leave the order. He eventually outgrew those thoughts but still had the difficulty to learn new powers. His higher-ups decided that he might improve if the environment in which he is educated changed to a more peaceful area, unlike Coruscant's gleaming streets. It was decided that he was to be sent off to a recently established Enclave in the Uvena System, particulary on the planet Uvena Prime.


With a rather fiery and active behavior his loud mouth always seems to find itself more than capable of generating a brawl in a cantina or any other location for that matter which would cause trouble with his higher-ups in the Jedi Order. In order to avoid trouble at times he may isolate himself from others, it really all depends on his mood.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lyon stands well over most people his age, he has chestnut brown hair which is always left messy and untidy. His curls sometimes manage to hide his emerald green eyes, especially in the heat of a battle. For some reasons he has a strong distaste for robes and other forms of traditional Jedi clothes and when not required prefers to wear casual clothing, although he may be seen wearing heavy armor every now and then. He is easily able to do that with his strong build which he developed through lots of physical exercise and training with vibroblades, lightsabers and melee weapons alike throughout the years.

Lightsaber SkillsEdit

Highly skilled in the Lightsaber Arts, Lyon often defeated older, more experienced opponents at a very early stage of his life, his lightsaber prowess was something he used to make up for his weakness in the Force, he was clearly highly efficient in defeating non-force using opponents but was at a disatvantage while fighting other Force-Users. Despite that he is still a formidable opponent to most.

The only form of lightsaber combat he's studied so far is Shii-Cho, which he was taught during his time as a Youngling in the Coruscanti Jedi Temple


Vast skills in Jedi lightsaber arts at a young age, and his species' natural trait to be able to read certain memories of the deceased upon touching their corpses, an ability he has yet to develop fully.

Significant WeaknessesEdit

Nearly unable to learn any force-powers even though he's been in the order for a while, one of his bigger issues are telekinetic abilities.