The M-46 is a medical airspeeder produced by SoroSuub.


The M-46 Medivac is a hardy airspeeder that can be operated by relative novices continuously over long periods of time with minimal maintenance. Robust jet engines allow it to attain a respectable speed while heavy inertial compensators secure passengers, keeping them from tumbling out. It comes equipped with four gurneys, with strong straps; two are armored by sliding panels and two are accessible from fold-out rigs on either side. A horizontal bacta tank rounds out the speeder's passenger capacity, allowing for immediate emergency treatment of critical patients. Surprisingly heavy armor covers the wings and ventral side of the airspeeder, protecting it from light arms fire from below.



SoroSuub largely stayed out of the politics of the core worlds in the early 3rd century ABY, but recognized that the tumultuous environment would create scores of wounded, and a demand for resilient and durable craft which could survive heavy crossfire. The M line had until that time catered more to hospitals on developed and peaceful worlds, rather than emergency and non-profit aid clinics on war-torn worlds. Sensing the coming violence, in the M-46, the line was re-purposed into a heavy emergency vehicle which could evacuate multiple wounded under fire.

To this effect, the M-46 was heavily armored for its class, and used primitive, simple parts which were readily available throughout the galaxy. Simple controls allowed pilots with minimal training to operate it effectively. It also included features more advanced worlds would scoff at for safety reasons, like external slide-out cots.


Despite their somewhat cynical analysis of the emerging market, SoroSuub's means were far less exploitative than they could have been. The simple, cheap manufacturing process kept their costs low so that they could sell the speeder at a price even backwater planets could easily afford while still making respectable profits. They also offered a refurbishment program which distributed "slightly" used M-46's which the company had repaired or modified from older models. The quality and robustness of the airspeeder made the discounted price, despite even high mileages, a bargain for its value. The M-46 enjoyed relatively widespread popularity over a long period, mostly on war-torn or conflict-ridden planets.

Operational DeploymentEdit

The M-46 saw heavy use after its introduction, with scattered use and deployment peaking during the War with the Revenant. SoroSuub's gradual decline in the later years of this conflict, and its virtual disappearance afterward, saw decreased support for the M-46 and it fell out of widespread use.

Despite this, many remain in operation, making the most of the speeder's unusually long service life.

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