The MAV RC-92 Artillery Tank or Mobile Artilery Vehicle, Repeating Cannon-Model 92, was a hovertank designed and produced by VMEW.


The MAV RC-92 is an immense hovertank which serves as a mobile platform for its ground-based turbolaser cannon. The tank's gun collapses for storage against the hull, and extends for use. Heavy armor and the proliferation of power and control systems dominate most of the craft's interior, affording for only meager acceleration and maneuverability. A cockpit is nestled beside the gun bed, seating a pilot and a co-pilot. While the pilot drives the craft, the co-pilot serves primarily to manage regulation of the cannon's systems, and both crew members must be devoted to the aiming and firing of the tank's cannon once it is ready to deploy.

Although heavily armored enough to sustain heavy combat damage, the MAV RC-92 is generally a static target when its cannon is fully extended, and so is usually deployed in a supporting role from behind the front lines, providing indirect fire against distant targets.




The MAV RC-92 with its turbolaser fully extended

The MAV RC-92 was developed at the tail end of VMEW's push for military ground vehicles. Too heavy to be carried by the MM/PT 71, it was intended to be deployed from a heavy carrier which never materialized.

The design centered around the weapon system of the tank, a turbolaser cannon reverse-engineered by VMEW and reproduced using proprietary components. Extensive work went into developing fire control systems for what was originally a space-use weapon, so that it could be aimed effectively in atmosphere. The largest obstacle came in moving this unwieldy weapon, and the project's success was declared nearly as soon as it could get the MAV RC to sustain a hover for more than a few hours. The MAV RC-92 moved to its manufacturing phase soonafter.

Early productionEdit

The MAV RC-92 experienced an incredibly slow and limited production run. The size of its components, and their exclusive specificity, restricted many from being made, and within a year the entire line was phased out when sales did not meet company projections.

Operational deploymentEdit

The MAV RC-92 was rarely, if ever, utilized by the Velmoran forces which tended to provide initial testing for all early VMEW releases until the RLF/Imperial War. This large, unused surplus was siphoned to the Republic Liberation Front, reclassified as the MAV RC-92O for use on Onderon. Aside from a single, merely demonstrative display of the MAV RC-92's power, the Front and Onderon Royal Guard largely neglected the craft.

The full compliment of Onderonian MAV RC-92Os was destroyed when the Galactic Empire invaded the planet and destroyed most of its assets. The Republic Liberation Forces, unable to utilize the craft effectively in the planet's dense jungles and unwilling to let them fall into Imperial hands, scuttled the rest.

As the MAV RC-92 fell out of favor and ended production, so to did its deployment end. While some still remain, none have been officially adopted by any organization's ground force, and none are known to have seen combat.

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