The MM/PT 80 Series was a production series of modular transports designed and produced by VMEW during the RLF/Imperial War. While used to modest success, it was soon replaced with and vastly overshadowed by its successor series, the MT 85 Series.


The MM/PT 80 series was a direct update of the MM/PT 70 Series of military transports. It favored a similarly long, narrow design, though it incorporated a somewhat sleeker frame than its predecessor. While it boasted greater speed and better weapons and shielding, it ultimately failed at being suitably modular enough to live up to its model name, and it was phased out.



Swrpwikivmew 034

The MM/PT 80 stock chassis.

The MM/PT 80 series was developed after the creation of the RLF, and was one of VMEW's many deliberate offerings in military material to support the movement. Created to replace and update the decades-old MM/PT 70 series, it was a large improvement over its predecessor in performance and aesthetics, and the MM/PT 80s were eagerly put to work by the young rebel organization, especially after its fallout with the Galactic Empire before the invasion of Onderon.

Use in the RLF/Imperial WarEdit

The transport was used extensively by RLF forces based in Onderon, and was used as both an attack craft and a transport. However, as the RLF's needs became more diverse, the limitations of the design became more and more apparent, to the point where the RLF actually favored MM/PT 70's in operations over the newer 80's. It became a source of embarrassment for the company and they quietly retired the still limited numbers of the MM/PT 80 Series' production while putting its design teams to work on a more viable successor. The MM/PT 80 was ultimately replaced by the MM/PT 85 Series, and ironically the first production models of the new craft were ready for deployment the day the Galactic Empire invaded Onderon and destroyed most of the RLF's MM/PT 80's. It's speculated that this coincidence has played largely into the MM/PT 85's fame when compared to the MM/PT80's relegation to ingloriousness. After the rise of the PGA, VMEW reexamined their surplus unused vehicles, and attention was drawn to the mothballed MM/PT 80's. VMEW set about retooling them for sale to the new Fel Empire for use as support ships and gunships, as the new Empire's military was fostered by the PGA. Despite some expressed interest, the Fel Empire ultimately purchased MM/PT 85's instead.

Operational DeploymentEdit

Some MM/PT 80's still persist in some fashion, and those not still in unused VMEW hangars may have made their way into use by paramilitary groups who managed to get their hands on them, but they are not known to be any more in operation.

Swrpwikivmew 035

A heavily modified variant of the MM/PT 80.

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