Magno Inglewood, alias Magno, was a former Jedi Knight of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave, and agent of the Heldarian Empire.


Magno was born in one of the worldship of a civilisation that have left their planet to survive a cataclysm thousands of years before the rise of the Galactic Empire .

He Was Programmed (and modified to look like a Shistavanen) to Collect data and knowledge for the sake of the Heldarians Citizens, and then sent in a small capsule to Taris , where He would be raised by a citizen of the planet and found by a jedi and took to Coruscant.

During the few month after he was took to coruscant he shows a huge link with the force , he shocked few master by using unconsciously the force to levitate all the tables, chairs which were in the room he was.

After twelve years as a youngling he was choose by a wookie Jedi Master to become his padawan.

during this time he was send with his master on many missions outside and inside coruscant ; but in 664 BBY

during a trip to kashyyyk for an investigation about strange dark side event, their transporter was hijack by a mysterious ship which emit Powerful Dark-side emanation , the darksiders entered the ship , killing everyone exept the two Jedis , as The Wookie Jedi Master tried to protect his padawan , by fighting the whole darksiders , he was confronted by the chief of this group , during their duel the wookies was overpowered by the darksider , and he was slashed into pieces by the darksider's lightsaber , infront of the horrified eyes of the padawan


Totaly defenseless against the powerful darksider who have just destroyed his master , he was taken by the evil guy to their base , it was later revealed that those darksiders were an unknown faction of the sith who have survived since the Great Hyperspace war.

They put the shistavanen padawan into jail where they was a lot of other force sensitive prisoneer ; they would later become the subject of the sith experiences , during the time he spend in jail before his turn comes he learned a force power known as Comprehend Speech . all the other people who were in jail have died , Magno was the only left ; it was revealed that due to his strong connection with the force he survive .The sith have made avrious genetics manipulation on the shistavanen , and also use sith alchemy , they have mixed his dna sequence and his blood with the genetic material of who they have called , the most powerful force user of history , as a consequence he was no longer a shistavanen , but a hybrid human/shistavanen , a rumor want to say that the meaning of this experiences was to create the ultimate force users , as they manipulate his dna sequence to "upgrade"him , his synaptic interaction have increase , his life was extended to infinite ....

Escape from the SithEdit

During The Last Days Of The Clone Wars , and as a consequence after centuries of captivity , Magno escaped from the sith , the way he escape were unknown until he confess about his history : he embrassed the whole dark side to overpower himself , and with the force he slaughted the whole immortal faction , and escape from their head quarter with a spacecraft ,his master's lightsaber and the data he stole .His destination was the jedi temple...

When he arrived at the temple , order 66 was activated , and all the jedis where killed , his program told him to go to the Library , copy all the data from the temple and leave . He met in the process numerous clone troopers killing many of them stole a ship in the Hangar and ran away , he decided to fly to Lehon , a world where he though there was knowledge for his people

Hiding in the dark sideEdit

On Lehon, he crashed and was rescued by rakatan survivors who have start to rebuild their society ,He learnt all their knowledge quickly , their history , he hide on lehon so long that when he left the

Yuuzhan Vong have just Started their invasion . During a trip to Klatooine he was attacked by the Vong

the violence of this attack made the shistavanen remembered all of what happened to him : the sith; the brutal death of his master ;Operation Knightfall ; those picture made him enter into a fury resulting 3000 Vongs slaughtered.

When he realized what he have done he ran to avoid another rampage he cut himself from the force on mustafar in exile.

Return to The ForceEdit

at some point prior 230 ABY an Heldarian Droid Scoot finally found him giving him the Heldarian Knowledge and explaining him his mission : "Find A World For The Heldarian to survive" , Leading him to find more recent datas about the Galaxy . While Consulting the Droid Scan he found out that there were a Jedi Academy on Dantooine , at this point he gives the droid all the knowledge and datas he gathered sending him back to the colon ship , and then flown to Dantooine .there he encountered jedis who have rebuilt the enclave

using his genetic enhance , and the knowledge he have gathered during his long life he succefully hide there and became a jedi consular.

dealing with his mission and his role as a dantooine's jedi, he became extremly ill because of what the siths have made to him

Disappearance and FateEdit

Some times after his knighthood ceremony he takes his ship and flown to Potential Planet for his people but , his hyperspace drive malfunction and was send thousands of year prior ; with no way to return to his original timeline he leaves the galaxy in quest of adventure and knowledge.At Some Point during his, he met an advanced civilisation called the Sekari that would be known in the future as one of the civilisation that assaulted the heldarians during their exile , he spend hundreds of year with them learning all about them, their technology , and save them from a supernova , in return for his act they save him from degeneration by turning his body into a super-human one and offered him one of their newly ship upgraded with a neural interface and a molecular modeler


A Year from the Galaxy Point of view he reappeared from out of nowhere with his newly ship

from his point of view he spent 3 weeks since he left the Sekari (with a post legacy space ship it would take thousands or millions of year to return from the Sekari's planet).

At This point He travelled across the Galaxy in search of his people and of a planet for them

Power and AbilitiesEdit

As all Heldarian Children (Heldarian as a multicultural civilisation contains many species) born with a extended life , an incredible resistance to damages and a high intellegence in order to adapt to any circumstance ,with his jedi training he was skilled in using a lightsaber , guns, spacescraft and battleship