Darth Magnus is a Humanoid male Sith.

A former member of The Dark Lords of the Sith and once a Jedi Knight and Ambassador on Telos IV.

His existence began because of renegade Sith from Byss and despite the path he took, his destiny was always the dark side of the force.

His current whereabouts are unknown, but Sith agents have unconfirmed reports that he has returned to the system,

Dark Beginnings Edit

On Byss, a group of Sith Lords, led by Darth Ptas became aware of a young woman so strong in the force that she must become a Sith or would be a threat to all as a Jedi. They also felt she was the one to use for experiments that had been discussed for many experiment which could seal their rise to power in a new Sith Order. Many believed there should be a generation of Sith bred from dna of long dead lords, it was seen as a faster option compared to research into Darth Plageous’s methods and harnessing his power on a large level. After the woman was taken over to the dark side by one of these sith lords, they saw to it that a blood sample would be taken from her and they planned to extract DNA from an honored Sith master to create their new Sith.

The young woman, her name Jitt Baumer, had her memory erased of these events as they believed she would see her offspring as a threat to her and want revenge on those that used her. Kaminoan scientists were employed to carry out the experiment, their discretion and expertise has proved to be legendary...


Morten and unknown female being created

In the 'first generation' there would be 2 sith bred, a male and a female. The new sith had a high midi-chlorian count. They would have advanced aging genes activated and their intelligence programmed gradually. Within weeks, the 2 were intelligent 18 years old (physical age)and from that point on they would develop naturally.

Using the DNA from Jitt Baumer and from a long dead sith they found on Korriban, the experiment could begin.

The Sith 'creators' were pursued by assassins, seeking to kill them and possess their clones.

The female clone was killed in a raid on Kamino, but the male was safely transported away.

Knowing that they could not continue their experiments, the creators had their surviving creation programmed one last time - to erase information about their creators and any knowledge of the experiments.


Morten's final mind programming

These sith creators believed that the destiny of their creation would lead him back to them. It would perhaps cause a confrontation of who he would choose as master.

Little is known of the fate of these creators, but sith history records that [[Darth Ptas had many 'traitors' executed around this time.

The male was placed with the Grand Army of the Republic where he would serve as any other member of the army, but with his personality not so subservient as other long he would remain was unclear but an excellent cover for the time being.

Orig clone 001


Not long after rising to the rank of Colonel in the GAR, the 'Sith Clone' decided it was time to depart, so he quietly left and arrived on Rakata Prime. No longer constrained by clone armor and just a number as identity, he took the name Morten Hassanov. He found the name in a war journal he read on a transport.

Morten, strong from his time in the clone army and strong in the force, it was not long until he was noticed by Darth Devarii, who persued Morten when sensing his strong presence. Morten was interested by the offer from the Dark Side and agreed to be trained.

Morten did not complete his training with Devarii, he saught to harness his growing power alone. It is not known why Deveraii did not pursue Hassanov. Hassanov was studying the dark side closely..but not all to his teachings...discovering a sith holocron on a moon in the outer rim, he studied the ability of becoming invisible in the force...something he learnt to do very quickly and soon believed his power would be greater then that of Devarii, but he knew he could not yet challenge one like him.

Fate lent a hand when Rakata Prime was attacked from space. Hassanov hid his presence in the force and isolated himself in a disused military base under the sea.

The underwater base had active computers and he found that the attack was focused on the city and the best the computer could do was find the word 'Mandalorian' in the transmission that was sent before the attack began. A Mandalorian was the target?, or were the ones attacking?....he could not know....but he did not care....this was the chance to escape on his own...stay invisible in the force and find a new challenge.

The ‘mother’ of the engineered Sith became a strong sith herself, taking the name Lady Sage and proved to those on Byss how powerful she was destined to become.

Mandalorian Dala Clan Edit


Kovac Dala

Morten found an operable ship and flew it to the planet known as Dxun and was recruited to the ranks of the Mandalorian Dala Clan where he would be known as Kovac Dala. Here he felt he belonged to a group where he could make a difference, his membership of the Dala Clan reflected his need for order.

In time however, he became increasingly sidelined by the Mandalorian need for increased security for which he believed was too much and would spell the end of the Dxun clans in time.

Seeing many of the clans disperse leaving their home largely unprotected, Kovacs role became insignificant. Seeking a place where he could find order again, Kovac decided to leave Dxun behind to find a new challenge.

He noticed his time on Dxun had focused him and the sense of honor in all his actions, so he took that with him as he drifted in space.

Jedi Edit

Jedi Knight Morten Hassanov

Jedi Knight Morten Hassanov

Information from Bothans led Morten to the knowledge of a Jedi Order on Endor.

He left the Mandalorians and arrived on Endor to become a Jedi. Endor was just as he had seen it in his vision, but the female presense he felt in those visions continued to puzzle him.

He became the Padawan to the Jedi Knight... Lady Sage... who had turned from the dark side but felt she could no longer use her old name. Morten felt a bond very quickly to his Master, which he believed was the normal attachment a Master should form with a student. The deeper feeling of connection was confusing, having known her a short time, however he believed the strength of the visions colored his perceptions, it could just be that he merely foresaw becoming a Jedi under the teachings of Lady Sage.

The downfall of the Jedi Unity order led him to wander the galaxy, spending some time at Anoth to study and he visited places such as Ossus in a bid to continue his Jedi path.

Losing contact with his Master left an empty feeling that he was sure was not right, it took much meditation on Ossus to put these feelings aside and maintain his control again. While deep in study on Anoth, he received a communication from Shadow Jedi Master Delcon, inviting him to his orders secret enclave. On meeting the honoured Master Diakonos Delcon, he joined the order and began training as a Jedi Sentinel with Master Atticus Jetaime. Seeing his former master Lady Sage turned again to the dark side was a surprise to him, but on another level it appeared right..something he could not explain.

Soon after moving to Telos IV, the order changed. The Telos Jedi Order was formed, its members were the bulk of what was the Shadow Jedi Order. Master Jerico Yost took his Shadow Jedi Order away from Telos, back to the secrecy from where it came.

On becoming a Jedi Knight, Master Delcon gave Morten the duties of being an investigator and to persue justice on the orders new home of Telos IV. Later, after working with Master Pandora Regent, he decided to persue ambassador work as a Consular Jedi. The reward for his achievements was when he was made Telos IV Minister, an Ambassador for the Jedi order.


the Jedi High Council

In his Ambassador role he helped to negotiate an alliance between Jedi Orders. After negotiating an agreement with the Orders, the Jedi High Council was formed. These orders were - The Aegian Order of Peace, the Telos Jedi Order, Knights of the Old Republic and the New Order of the Jedi.

While continuing as Ambassador to the High Council, Morten realised he needed to move on and Jedi life on Telos was no longer as fulfilling as it once was. He left Telos behind for Yavin IV to begin again, where he began training with Master Evelyn Syaka. However the burning need to be more than he was began to trouble Jedi Hassanov...he did not feel like the Jedi he had been in the past. Then the bond with his first Jedi Master - Lady Sage......would soon, finally became clear...

Origins Uncovered Edit

Mother and son

Mother and son

One day on Telos IV, Morten became aware of a call from Lady Sage in his mind needing his help. Drawn to her, he found out she had been hurt when her ship crashed on the planets surface.

In seeking to offer any assistance he could to his former Jedi Master, Morten took a blood test to see if he was a suitable donor.

The DNA from the blood was too close a match...Lady Sage was Mortens mother. Much meditation was needed for Morten, his emotions almost overflowing with the knowledge of his former master being his mother.

Lady Sage returned to full health, but what proved more significant was the path Morten was now destined to follow

Returning to the Dark Side Edit


Jedi lost to the dark side

While continuing training, the growing discomfort that Morten felt began to express he began to see weakness within the Jedi Order, he believed that strength and control were what was required to call the jedi to order...and why should he should be him to lead the jedi, it was what he was born for.

Resentment built up, but meditation kept the dark feelings supressed. Researching the sith to discover truths of his origin, Morten began to admire the order and strength a Sith Lord could command.

The Jedi on Yavin IV became concerned about Jedi Morten Hassanov, seeing that he was falling to the dark side and the presence of Lady Sage could bring those two to power as sith....this was too dangerous....however they did not know how to proceed... After much discussion the Jedi believed that the death of Lady Sage was the only way to end this threat and to then retrieve Hassanov. Unsure if this was in keeping with the Jedi code..the jedi stalled...allies of the Jedi – The Silver Jedi...secretly sent 2 of their Jedi to kill Lady Sage and return Hassanov. They found Hassanov meditating with Lady Sage...seeing it as Sith training...they warned Hassanov off and ordered him to leave for Yavin.

Lady Sage told Hassanov to do what they said...and he began to leave for his ship.....he felt the danger his mother was in and he see her weakened and the silver jedi changing his grip to plunge his saber into her heart. Morten ignites his saber and warned them off....responding to him with a warning of his own safety...Morten launches an attack on them... severing the arm of one...and using the force to push the other away. This rush of anger and power tasted good...the silver jedi told Morten that his mother must die for the future of the jedi order.

That was a mistake....Morten would not allow this...and removes the armless jedi head in one slice of his saber and full of hate...he reaches out a hand to force choke the other...watching the life drain out of his face and his body go limp. Mortens journey to the dark side was complete...he decided to go to Ziost... a Sith order has returned to the ancient Sith homeworld....


Lady Sage's crashed fighter

Lady Sage's whereabouts are unknown. The fighter she had been using was later discovered on the surface of the planet Tatooine in the area of the Dune Sea.

Magnus Edit


Lord Magnus

Fallen Jedi Morten Hassanov joined the Sith on Ziost and began his rise....on becoming Sith Acolyte under his master Lord Vitae...he became Magnus. Acolyte Magnus now saw the wisdom of the dark side, yearning for more power and determined that death would befall any that stood in his way.

An active member of the empire, Acolyte Magnus was made a Sith Lord by Dark Lord Summanus. Lord Magnus vowed to ensure his rise to power within the order, the death of their enemies and expansion of the sith empire.

Lord Magnus was made part of the Sith Legends Royal Guard, protecting Dark Lord Summanus and Dark Lady Melanchol on a mission to Coruscant.

Despite his complete loyalty to his superiors, Magnus began to become suspicious of the sith empire he has fought for and curious of the motives of some of its key members. He could not foresee what would happen to his order but every fibre of his being told him a change was coming.

Sith are not allowed to be exiled...they are killed...however Lord Magnus, betrayed by his order and cast out has been allowed to survive. He has not known a sith order be this reckless before and will observe his former masters from the shadows to see what their plans may be.

Dark Lords of the Sith Edit

DLotS Logo

Dark Lords of The Sith

While in the shadows, the sith exile Magnus was drawn to someone familier in the force...

When he found the source of this powerful presence calling out to him, he found it to be the Darth Ptas. She came to Lord Magnus with the offer to join her in the legendary sith order - The Dark Lords of the Sith on Dromund Kaas.

Ptas had found the Sith she had helped create and would now have this powerful one as her apprentice.

Seeing a new path to glory away from the traitors that turned their backs on the Sith Legends, Magnus accepted.

Restored to his positon of Sith Lord, he saw his path was back to where it must be, towards a position of influence in a great Sith order. He will stop at nothing to become Darth Magnus and sit on the Dark Council.

Return to Byss Edit


Return to Byss

The rumours were true, our Dark Lord Validus has returned to Byss and rebuilt our home. On hearing of the Ravager now in orbit, Magnus set out to return to Byss from where the sith that had him created had come and where he got some of his earliest sith training. This is not the same Byss that he left but already the dark power the place had over him before is intoxicating now.

Where will this take Lord Magnus from here...time will tell.

Darth Magnus Edit


Rise Darth Magnus

As with all Sith, Magnus always manifested a lust for power but as many wise ones before him was intelligent and careful in his actions to fulfil his desire but not bring himself an early end as going headlong into a power struggle of a mighty sith order would bring him.

The challenge that faced him of taking an apprentice was an interesting one, she chose the name Enigma and while she was young and lacked experience, she had great potential. She completed her training but Magnus believed she needed to prove herself worthy, first by challenging her Master..while she did not succeed in besting him she performed well as a Sith.

An invasion of Allied Jedi forces to retrieve one of their own gave Enigma a taste of battle and a chance for the order to show how powerful it had become again.

The Jedi were no match for the Sith forces and with the battle over and Jedi corpses strewn around their feet, Jen'ari Validus anointed Magnus's apprentice Lady Engima and Lord Magnus was finally made Darth Magnus.

With the order seeking new direction he was granted a position on the Dark Council. From this position Magnus would have power and influence over the Dark Lords of the Sith and the world of Byss.

Despite his position of authority, in secret from most within the order, he committed himself to the teachings of Darth Ptas. Magnus then established a new base within proximity of his Master.

A New Path Edit

With the Dark Lords of the Sith established in the galaxy again, Jen'ari Validus saw this time as the opportunity to restore the once great Sith Empire. This was something Magnus was pleased to see happen and what his role could be within it.

However, despite the ambition of an Empire seeming to be becoming reality, Darth Magnus increasingly felt little part in what was preceeding. The order had re-organised, abolished the Dark Council, removing him from his position of power and despite its potential..the order became increasingly insular despite its big plans.

Magnus saw nothing but weakness around him, the powerful Sith Ptas also taking a lesser role in the order confirmed his suspicions that the order was not worthy of its name.

The greatness he found in this order when he arrived on Dromund Kaas was no longer there and it was time to begin again, something he had waited too long to do.

Leaving the order behind, again an exile he found it amusing how this has happened again and he didnt have a scratch on times change in this galaxy...

Now wandering the galaxy looking for a challenge, Darth Magnus would find order again and without doubt that would lie with Darth Ptas, his master's draw on him would bring him back.