Malek Carthia is a 56 year old Human Male who was Supreme Commander of the Empire in Exile, and a Moff in the Fel Empire before its fall from power on Coruscant. After the collapse of the Empire in Exile he went missing and is presumed dead by his family.

Biography Edit

Early Life and Adolescence Edit

"I never wanted this for myself! You shoved your karking Imperial way of life down my throat, I never had a choice!"

— Malek to Simon Carthia before he left home

Malek was born into aristocracy, which he resented from a very young age. Imperial propaganda was forced down his throat by his father, instilling an unquestioned loyalty to the Fel Dynasty in the young Malek. He was a very sheltered child and was educated by some of the most sought after tutors on Coruscant in a curriculum layed out by his father. He was expected to follow his father's foot steps and enroll in the Imperial academy once he came of age. However, as Malek grew older he began to rebel against his parents with the desire to live his own life and make his own choices for himself.

During his adolescence Malek engaged in numerous self destructive behaviors including, but not limited to, binge drinking, taking spice capsules, and smoking death sticks. His parents, horrified when they discovered a cache of spice capsules in their high level apartment, cut Malek off and kicked him out onto the streets. He would not speak to his father for years to come, and would have only limited contact with his mother. Carthia's parents perceived him as an embarrassment and a failure, often not acknowledging him as their son after he was disowned and kicked out.

Malek was able to collect enough credits to buy his way onto a cargo freighter en route to Corellia, where he would spend a short time cleaning freighters at a service station. He also developed a taste for Correlian whiskey during his stay on the planet.

Enlistment in the Imperial Stormtrooper CorpsEdit

"Kick your ass into gear, Carthia! You got all this potential but you don't do nothin' with it! Don't wash out on me, you finish basic and make something of yourself boy!"

— Staff Sergeant Ulysses F. Sullivans to Malek Carthia

With no where to go and no steady job, Carthia found an enlistment center and put in his application for the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps. Because of his father, the Empire was everything he knew. Initially reluctant to join, he was persuaded by a close friend he had met while scrubbing Freighters on Corellia. He enlisted with Malek, and the two stayed close through basic training. Drill Sergeant noted that Malek showed more potential than other recruits. He was intelligent, a natural leader, and a skilled tactician. He scored abnormally high on written tests, and some even thought that he had cheated on several exams.

Staff Sergeant Sullivans sat down with Carthia near the end of his training and urged him to apply himself. Carthia took Sullivans' inspirational speech to heart and "kicked his ass into gear". He graduated at the top of his class, and a close father-son relationship was kindled between the aging Sullivans and Carthia. He was assigned to the 501st Legion on Coruscant, but he would never see his friend from Corellia again.

Service in the Fel EmpireEdit