Malraux Sorotai was created on the planet Necropolis by the Sith Lord Ragnaros Demonia, with the intentions of creating a new kind of Jedi using parts from deceased Jedi masters. He was the first of few that was anywhere near a success. However, the experiment was far from a success, and caused major disabilities to arise. His lungs did not develop fully and he was forced to wear a breathing apparatus. The mask that he wears contains various sensors that change his inhalation rate to compensate with his physical exertion. He also wears a special suit that monitors his vital signs and injects bacta and other medical antidotes into him. He is, in non-technical language, invulnerable to poisoning.


To Teach a Dead Man to ReadEdit

Darth Talan

Darth Talan

As soon as he was conjured, Sorotai was thrown into a fury of lessons and tests to see if he was to be one of the successful creations. Demonia's council's leader, Darth Talan, took the liberty of taking the "puppet of misfortune" under his wing and teaching him what Demonia found right for him. After months of teaching, Darth Talan tested Sorotai for his observation skills. He was to pick, out of five Talans, which was the real one. Talan, before doing the test, told Sorotai that if he failed, he would be sent to a fellow Council member known simply as Malum. Unfortunately for Sorotai, the test proved harder than he first thought and he failed it. Talan dragged the severely beaten Sorotai to Malum's chambers. The chambers were flooded with water and were filled with a hymn that flowed through the force with such intense power that the very water that flooded the rooms was unsettled and constantly moving. Malum, meditating in his pitch-black chamber greeted the two and seemed to rise from the water. Talan told Malum to curse Sorotai, so that in the near future he would know true misery. Malum took great pleasure in the deed and assured him that he would know when Sorotai's time was upon them.

Authority IssuesEdit

In 120 ABY, Sorotai had finally had enough with Demonia’s teachings, being absolutely cruel and demeaning in nature. He rose above Demonia and led a riot that lasted several weeks. It was ended when all of Sorotai’s supporting troops were destroyed. Demonia had considered destroying Sorotai, but decided to spare him and use him in the upcoming missions on Mustafar. Sorotai, knowing that Demonia needed him, decided to commit suicide and throw his plans into jeopardy. He succeeded and died from taking off his mask. Demonia knew this was a possibility, and had Sorotai cloned, promoting the clone to general.

In the Heat of WarEdit

Demonia, now sickened with the mustafarian’s lying about harbouring an enemy, sent an army of 3000 clones and Sorotai. He was to lead the troops into battle and assure victory. After four gruelling, yet victorious, days of endless battle, General Sorotai’s troops were exhausted and their numbers were dwindling. Demonia called Sorotai and told him to return to their orbiting capital ship. As he was returning, Demonia fired an Anti-matter bomb at the base of operations, destroying it, and ending the dispute. Sorotai watched the mass destruction and for the first time in his life, he heard the screams of the dead.

Gasmasks and BloodEdit

Demonia, receiving news of another traitor being harboured, decided to send Sorotai to Mos Eisley and sets off a plague bomb. Sorotai, under cover for Demonia, travels to Mos Eisley and is told to take samples of infected blood for a special experiment that Demonia had been working on. While completing the mission, Sorotai met a patient named Inyak Ra, who he developed a friendship with. Shortly after his mission, he left Tatooine and headed for Demonia’s capital ship, with the intention of killing him finally. Upon arriving, Sorotai was imprisoned for treason for helping the Fel Empire cure the virus. However, he was able to convince Demonia that his treason was a good cause, since now he had ties inside the Empire. Demonia saw this as an opportunity and ordered him to continue his espionage inside Imperial walls. Returning to Mos Eisley, Sorotai finds that the Sith Lord Orko Blanchard had captured his newly acquired friend Inyak.

He eventually came to find a small mass of Imperial troops in front of a base, located in the Jundland Wastes. It had appeared that Inyak was being held hostage and required immediate medical attention. She had requested Sorotai, and no one else. Sorotai accepted and went to the top floor, where she was being held. After tending to her wounds, Sorotai felt weary. Demonia had found out about his second treacherous act and decided to kill him. After taking control of Sorotai, Demonia made him jump out of a nearby window, causing Sorotai’s body to plummet six stories to the ground. Orko, not caring about the doctor, told his men to dump him into the nearest Saarlack pit. Demonia, pleased with the dramatic death, cloned Sorotai yet again, hoping that this time there would be no treachery.


Once cloned, Sorotai was barred from leaving the capital ship. Demonia had hoped that the Imperial presence on Tatooine had recorded Sorotai as dead. That night, Sorotai had received word on his apparent death and dug further into the situation to figure out what had happened. What he found disturbed him and he immediately grabbed a lightsaber and suited up. He was going to kill Demonia.

Demonia had been preparing to attack Mos Eisley and destroy the Imperial presence on Tatooine. Upon entering, Sorotai confronted Demonia, who immediately attacked him, realizing this time that the DNA was corrupt with defiance. Demonia and Sorotai battled for a short while before Demonia force pushed Sorotai out of a window and into the hangar below. Sorotai, knowing that he would most definitely lose, had placed ion charges around the various weak points of the ship, hoping that the remaining antimatter bombs would explode, destroying the cloning labs, thus crippling Demonia’s army. He triggered the bombs as he landed in the hanger and escaped with only seconds to spare. The blast had damaged his ship, and caused him to crash into the wastes. Before he was knocked out, Sorotai sent a distress signal to Inyak, hoping she would find him in time.

The DepartureEdit

After a few months of silence and peace, Sorotai was finally taking control of his new life with his new friends. A couple months after Demonia's Capital ship crashed into the Jundland Wastes, Sorotai was more recognized as one of the best doctors on Tatooine. Everything seemed to be looking up for him... until an old acquaintance of his appeared to him and him only. His old teacher, Darth Talan. Darth Talan told Sorotai that the fabled time of payment was upon him. Sorotai had long since forgotten of the payment and did not know what Talan was talking about at first... On the other hand, why he was even alive. Talan took Sorotai back to Necropolis to train him further. Sorotai, unwilling at first, was taught in the ways of the dark side. He turned truly dark after only 2 months of continuous training. He had now obtained stronger control of the force and was ready to do his masters biding.

Scorched SandsEdit

Sorotai and Talan returned to Tatooine in search of clues to Inyak’s whereabouts. Talan told Sorotai that in order for him to achieve great power he must sever all friendships. It truly hurt Sorotai, but he had made an oath and was intending to keep it. Talan had other things that needed to be done and left Sorotai, now Darth Malraux, to his mission. Sorotai patrolled the city looking for Inyak. He pressed many people for information, utterly killing nine of them. He still had nothing. One day, while standing on the roof Inyak came to him with intentions of murder.

Little did she know, Malraux was looking for blood as well. A duel in front of the hotel ended in a hurry, and Inyak fled to the nearest medical station where she hid from the new Sorotai. Inyak’s uncle, Gabe Paine , found her and tried to figure out what had happened. Just as he saw Inyak, Sorotai entered the room, his lightsaber a hot red and his gasmask hissing with rage. He tried to beat Gabe for her whereabouts when she leaped out from behind a counter. Sorotai quickly dispatched her and knocked her to the ground. Gabe, being free, shot Sorotai in the shoulder and fled, leaving him wounded.

Sorotai, now angrier than before, looked to Inyak, He wanted her to live, and he could not possibly kill her. He threw her saber across the room and fled.