Marcus Forte on Ruusan

A Jedi who has gone up the ranks to Jedi Knight, on the planet of Ruusan in the New Order of Jedi (NOJ). Now long missing...

Character InfoEdit

  • Name: Marcus Forte
  • Homeworld: Unknown, raised on Coruscant and Corellia
  • Age: 30
  • Physique: Asian build and race, British accent, white-blonde hair shaved leaving only a large but short pony tail
  • Family: Parents passed away, only child
  • Pasttimes: Exploring, learning
  • Jedi Path: Healer, Formerly of New Order of the Jedi (NOJ)
  • Current Rank: Jedi Knight
  • Trained Under: Master Zephan (Castaignede)
  • Lightsaber Color: Purple
  • Attire: Standard browns and tans, dark brown cloak

Pre-Jedi HistoryEdit

Marcus is not sure of his birthplace, but has been traveling with his parents, both business people, from planet to planet. He spent most of his days on Corellia and Coruscant.

Marcus' parents both died in a space accident a few years ago, leaving their very large inheritance to him. He began to wander the galaxy, living on interest, and exploring and meeting new people.

One thing he began to notice slowly is that he was good at evading conflicts. Not physically, but diplomatically. He could get himself out of fights, avoiding combat. And he would also from time to time help others avoid going to blows. And he felt good about that.

Then one day he was drawn to Ruusan. For some reason he pulled the system up in his head and found the navicoords. Upon arrival, he found a beautiful place, and something compelled him to stay. His ship had some problems, and instead of fixing them, he sold the deal for parts and bought a home on the surface. He has been here since.

Jedi HistoryEdit

Marcus was selected as a healer under the tutelage of a Master Zephan, one of the order's best healers. He has just begun his path, and hopes to become as great a healer as his master. He also hopes to use his diplomatic and organizational skills to help the New Order of the Jedi.

Forte has progressed through his padawan training and passed his trials. He has become a Jedi Knight, in a ceremony led by his own Master. While he is not nearly as great a surgeon as some of his colleagues at the Ruusan Hospital, he is a great healer and is finely attuned to the Force.

Sir Forte suddenly disappeared and has been missing for quite some time. It is a mystery as to what happened, but it may be revealed one day.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Marcus has been in SL for many years and has been an avid roleplayer for even longer. He hopes he can help spur good roleplay as well as improve on the NOJ order and the SW Community as much as possible. Feel free to engage him in roleplay and organizational issues.