Maw was the child of an immigrant farmer to Naboo, who's family was typical like any other, though he is first in his bloodline to have force sensitivity. He left home at the standard age of 16, off to Nar Shadaa where his force sensitivity was first uttered in quite an accidental way. In the process of being mugged in a lower city alley on they way to his residence from his job as a stock packager, he got frightened and uncontrollably used telekinesis on the muggers, sending them flying then running.

After having his midichlorian count checked by a local Medical Center, he learned it was approximately 11,700, well above the average life form's count. He soon figured he may as well put his gift to proper use, and sought out the first Jedi Academy he heard of, the Dantooine Jedi Enclave. During this time, he gained a friend who he would declare himself brothers with, Arterio Lycanthro of GRAE.

Soon after applying, he started his journey of becoming Jedi; training under Master Ce'Nendra and later choosing the path of the consular once his many years of training was complete. He served faithfully for a few years...until the Serpentine Order came into play. The sith of the Serpentine Order were crafty, as to successfully trick him into using his anger to defeat them. He was still young and wet around the ears, giving him the lower hand and utterly allowing his corruption to the dark side.

After they captured him, they almost instantly forced him into sith training. He climbed the ranks at a quick rate, practically running past his fellow acolytes and neophytes as if it were a marathon. Though this is only due to his experience in the ways of the force, as his real training as the join apprentice of Lady Clandestine and other lords. As he ascended to lord, he took on the title "the Devouring", mainly due to his insatiable taste for his enemies' blood.

Though due to his initial roots as a Jedi, his connection and faith to the dark side was only strong for so long, for as time went by, he thought more and more of what he had become. This was coincidentally timed as when his lust for redemption became to much to handle, the Serpentine Order had collapsed due to the age-old "tradition" of infighting...

Wandering Aimlessly now as a transient, refusing to return to the DJE due to his betrayal, he came upon the Galactic Jedi Order, a newer Academy that was started by a former KOJ Jedi Xzhar SeaTreader.

Treading lightly, he begs the new Grandmaster for help in redemption, who reluctantly agrees....after he and his council conferred. Maw was in the service corps for a long time, how long he did not bother to keep track of, but one day he gathered his confidence to ask the council for something he was still unsure of doing again....relearning the Jedi ways.

Now the age of 34 standard years, the shistavanen had gained his redemption, relearned the ways of the Jedi under knight Sauyur Ozzan. Once again and until his death, he will remain Jedi Knight of the GJO.

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Maw Thel's Lightsaber