Max Dawnflame is a Human male, whom is a Jedi Master in the New Jedi Order. He was born and raised on Coruscant. Was a technician working in a repair shop. After discovering he was force sensitive headed to Tython to become a Jedi.

Biography Edit

Childhood Years Edit

Max Dawnflame was born on the planet known as Coruscant a human from a human family, who were relatively well off and so could afford some luxuries. His father was a businessman who worked on Coruscant where he conducted his business from, which was the overseeing of repairing damaged vehicles and various starships. Max's mother used to be a smuggler till she met Max's father, she now assists occasionally as a temp at the business and when not working she resides at the family home. To celebrate his 1st birthday they gave him an old silver pocket watch with an ancient engraving on it, which due to its age was sealed shut, which to this day he possess.

As he was growing up he often would dream of being amongst the stars and traveling the galaxy dreaming of what was out there, and the many adventures he could have if he was out there. Visiting alien worlds, finding and befriending new and undiscovered species, venturing into deep space and returning with stories to tell. He would then use any opportunity to venture into space and see worlds, such as Naboo when his family would go there either on business or holiday.

Teenage Years Edit

During his early teenager years he found an abandoned R4 Astromech Droid, known as R4-Z13, and begun repairing the droid, which he managed to get to a state of near completion. He also learned how to operate multiple vehicles and ships by working in a repair shop. Occasionally he would take the vehicles if capable out on a joy ride with his good friends, never crashing or damaging the vehicle remaining undetected by wearing a hood and unidentifiable if seen.

Aged 19 he discovered he could use the force quite by accident. When he was in a cafe, having a nice cup of tea, when he was bumped into, his arm knocked into the table. Throwing the tea into the air, to his surprise i caught it. Upon this discovery Max headed home and used his personal computer to research and order books upon the history and knowledge of the Jedi and the force. After conducting further assessment and consulting various books and friends he came to the conclusion that he was force-sensitive and should locate a Jedi to tell.  

Discovery of the Force Edit

Learning of the Jedi's ancient home of Tython, he decided to head there to learn from the Jedi what it meant to be a Jedi and how to use his new found skill to help countless others. He purchased a fighter ship which he uses as his personal craft when not using his family's old refitted empire hybrid falcon ship. Using this craft he made his way to Tython where he explored the planets surface, and learned information on the Orders location from residents on the planet. When he discovered the orders location he headed there, upon seeing the building he entered in search of a Jedi to confront and explain his situation to.

Training to be a Jedi Knight Edit

Upon entering the temple he met the Jedi Master Psychotol Acker and the Grand Master Zac Mistwalker. After a discussion he was accepted into the order as an initiate and passed the initiate tests. Dawnflame now a padawan was assigned to Master Acker to be trained. Shortly after being assigned as a padawan, he successfully collected and assembled the parts to make his training lightsabers. In his spare time he one time brought his R4 astromech to Tython where he finished it, however he replaced its head with a R2 astromech series dome. Thus enabling the droid to be more streamlined and could be used as a co-pilot in a starfighter. The droid R4-Z13 now remains on Tython as a service droid for the Jedi there whilst Dawnflame is away, until his master has need of him.

Knighthood & Mastering Edit

Knighthood Edit

Max Dawnflame Knighthood
Max Dawnflame was knighted by Psychotol Acker in 262 ABY with numerous other Jedi gathered. Serving now as Jedi Knight of the Sentinel path.

Mastering Edit

In a private ceremony in 266 ABY, Max was given the rank of Master and due to being a Council Knight was made a Council Master.

Life after Mastering Edit

Awhile after the mastering ceremony a courier sought him out delivering to him the news of his parents death in a speeder accident. After the cremation of his parents he took awhile to explore the galaxy whilst meditating when possible to prevent the effects of loss hitting too hard. All the while wearing clothes of sort that smugglers are normally associated with. After an extended period of absence and misadventure he returned to continue where he left off, with new scars and stories but with a continued drive to preserve galactic peace.

Personality & Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Max is known as a inquisitive and caring human. He seeks the ability to be able to protect those unable to protect themselves and preserve the galactic peace.

Appearance Edit

Short brown hair with light blue eyes.

Equipment Edit

MD Saber 1

Lightsabers Edit

First Saber (Training Saber / Mark I)
The training saber Max created during his padawan training is no longer used. Two were created with interlocking ends so the dual wielding and double bladed lightsaber styles could be learned for varying training scenarios. Yet he retained them after knighthood as memorabilia without the kyber inside.
Second Saber (Mark II)
MD Saber 2
This saber was created not long after his knighthood to commemorate the event. Dawnflame created it with a yellow kyber crystal from the Tython kyber mines.He designed it so that the emitter can be detached from the rest of the hilt, this allows some disguise as to it's true identity and purpose for mission. It was destroyed in a fight but the crystal survived (cracked however) enabling him to rebuild with the same kyber crystal.
Saber hilt mk 3

Third Saber (Mark III)

Redesigned after his second saber was destroyed. It implements a crossguard saber design as the crystal was damaged, thus requiring vents for excess power. It is his current saber in use.

Tools Edit

As a Jedi he carries communicators, holoprojector, datapads and other tools that would allow him to carry out Jedi business and ensure he can be communicated with always.