What a way to be born into this world. Bare naked, crying, wet and some man slaps my ass. Well this was the way i was born.

My name is Maxxine and i am 3 years old. My mum and dad are called mummy and daddy, but you may call them Paige and Storm.

They are the bestest parents and they loves me lots. I was born on a big planet named Amar long time ago. I remembers giggling at my daddys funny nose and mummy loved to sing to me in bed.

But one day, my mummy went away and i was scared. I didn't know where she was. I cried for mummy but no one knows where she is. A man came in a big ship to take me to mummy and i was so happy. Giggles.

Space is soooo big and black but it had pretty little rocks floating outside my window. It got real bumpy so i hung onto my fluffy Amber to keep me safe. Then the ship landed and i saw mummy. I was so happy and ran to her. There was a man there, a big white wolf. He looked scary.

He use to come into my bedroom at night and say all sorts of things that was confusings me. He said i was going to forgets daddy and all the others. I cried, NOOOOOO HE MY DADDY.

I loved being with mummy and explorings planets, was so fun seeing her play with plants and animals. But mummy got sick one day, a mean plant made her sick. I looked after my mummy like she looks after me. I was a big girl for mummy. The man told me he going to help mummy and he injected some of his blood into mummy. She was still sick and he did it again. Mummy started to get betters , she looked really bad but mummy gaves me big hugs and kisses when she saw me.

We was happy again for long time until mummy said we going on a trip into space again. But when we got off at the planet they forgot to take us home. Mummy was fighting lots and there were so many noises. I cuddled to mum lots there. A lady came and took us one day. I not know who she was but mummy said we are going with her. I liked that she came cause i got to go in a big ship again and see the pretty rocks.

But mummy got sad, she was crying a lot. I tried to be a good girl and give her lots of hugs cause i loves my mummy. She showed me one day a big box, she said daddy was inside. NOOOO daddy gone he not in box. But mummy cried and said he was with angels but i want my daddy with me. I cried. He still not come back but i gets to see him sometimes and he all funny looking now and can float. My daddy is so cool.

Now i haves a big brother and he looks after me sometimes. I like to play tricks on him. Giggles. I hope i have big family one day again. Loves you mummy and daddy.