Early life Edit

Meg the Amaran was born in the plains of Naboo, in a small Amaran village. She was raised in Nabooian Amaran ways, knowing how to tame bursa and how their business go. Meg was not really happy and felt there was something missing in her life. Her wishes became clear when she saw a speeder run past by her village. Knowing that speed was what she wanted, she headed for the Naboo civilization.

Life in the military Edit

Not finding any other jobs, Meg tried to join the military, without much success at first because her short frame and frail body, yet with more tries and her seemingly innate capabilities behind vehicles, she finally caught the attention of the officials, who enlisted her at first as part of the policing forces. Most of the time, she was given the role of driver of the speeders and her skills proved useful in catching many criminals. Meanwhile, she acquired formal piloting skills, yet ships were not of her liking. Though her skills behind the controls of a Naboo Police cruiser were worth of note.

The swoop gangs Edit

Eventually, Meg felt bored of the military and left Naboo with what amount of credits she accumulated. In her travels, she learned of swoop gangs and swoop racing. Meg purchased a replica of the ancient Jedi Civil war swoop racers and modified it little by little. At it's peak, the machine became capable of matching even the usually faster pod racers. Meanwhile, she had also joined one of the many gangs in the rebuilt Taris, yet not liking really the thug behavior they all had. She was in just to race.

Near fatal accident Edit

As the gangs kept doing their activities, Meg felt more out of place until she decided it was time to leave. But the gang she was part of wasn't willing to let go a member who knew their secrets, like where they keep their robbed goods and credits. After a heated discussion, Meg left in her racer, just to be chased by two other gang members. Meg could easily outperform any other gang swoop, until she made a grim discovery. Her vehicle was sabotaged. As soon as the stabilizer broke, the racer went out of control and crashed in a wall at near 800 km/h. A crash that the gang supposed Meg won't live to tell about. Surprisingly, Meg did survive. But about 65% of her body was useless or just not there anymore. Only her badly damaged organs and a strong will to live kept her fighting. It was because a friend of hers, a mechanic and hopeful cybernetic implant doctor, that Meg could get life supporting mechanical implants. Since it was all low budget, the implants were far from perfect, and Meg was to suffer long periods of pain that she got used to eventually and endured in silence.

Zonama Sekot Edit

In her travels, Meg met with another amaran by chance. A force user named Han, who eventually revealed himself as practitioner of the Potentium philosophy. He brought her to Zonama Sekot where she made friends and started a new life. Han discovered in Meg something interesting. She was force sensitive to some extent. But not enough to be able to really use the force. Han also envisioned helping her to get better implants. Han went to Coruscant to see what he could find, eventually finding a lab in the far reaches of the planet, far from any important zones, where a group of Mon Calamari scientists were experimenting with semi biological implants that would mix both machine and biotechnology, and aided by dashta eels to help the recipient control these new implants. Han listed Meg as a test subject, knowing that he wouldn't let anything bad happen to her. He himself would deal with the whole process. Meanwhile in Zonama, Meg kept making friends, getting especially close to an adamant healer named Lady Leysha, and considering Zonama Sekot her new permanent home. Soon enough, the implants were settled and brought to Zonama, alongside a space station that would serve as the place to do the surgery. After a really exhausting surgery headed by Meg's friend, healer Leysha, the implants were successfully installed on the small amaran. For the first time in years, Meg could see her body as something whole again.

Love and death Edit

Soon after the surgery, Meg's feelings towards Han started to really grow. She always felt thankful towards him and appreciated him as a close friend, but there was something more developing in her heart. Han's feelings were basically the same. But for some reason, they couldn't find the words. And sadly, they would never be able to express it. As soon as Meg was able to help her Potentium comrades, she flew to the Massassi ruins to attempt a rescue mission. As soon as she landed, Sith boarded her ship and attacked her, taking her hostage and eventually killing her. As the Amaran died, something inside her kept living. It was a dashta eel, which was able to use the Force to connect itself to Meg's thoughts and absorb most of her memories. The eel was recovered and later given to Meg's sister, Nina.

Personal traits Edit

Meg was gentle, always forgiving and always in good spirits. Positive energy always irradiated from her. She often passed this attribute to people around her. On the other hand, she was quick to leave if she didn't like the situation she was in or felt she was not able to make people less evil, knowing that she couldn't fix some people.

Powers and skills Edit

Meg was not a force user, though she was at the very line between force sensitivity or not. It is still probably that some of that raw force power was responsible for her skills with vehicles and great aiming with ranged weapons. She also has a knack for repairing and even managed to draw a blueprint of a swoop racer.

Behind the scenes Edit

Meg is one of Hanumi Takakura's characters under the alt account Megano Hashimoto. Like all of them, they hold in depth bios often filled with a dramatic tale of events prior joining SWRP.