Early LifeEdit

Meridius Decibal grew up on the planet Glee Anselm. He had a loving family and a good home, until one day a band of Anselmi raiders slaughtered his family. They kept him alive only to sell him to a Dug named Riko Plund. Riko was a slaver for a group called the Thallasian Pirate. Riko often took Meridius on many raids, forcing him to pilot the ships while they rounded up slaves below. Meridius learned many things such as piloting, gun wielding, and most of all he learned much about slaving. Slaving is what he grew to know and he knew it well. More and more he felt less and less like a slave and became more and more like one of the crew. His relationship with the crew grew so much that they forgot he was a slave altogether and treated him like their own. He was known for his quirky attitude even in a tight spot. The Thallasian crew was attacked one day by a Galactic Alliance squadron trying to rescue a small group of twi'lek slaves from the grasp of the pirates. Riko saved Meridius from certain doom at the hands of the Galactic Aliliance and they both escaped together to Tattooine. In Tattooine, Riko had picked a fight with one of the Hutt's enforcers and was killed in a gun fight in the cantina. The enforcer took Meridius back as a prize. He brought Meridius before a wookiee slaver who worked for the Hutt. Meridius explained his history with the pirates and offered his service. The wookiee included Meridius in his slave raids. The two were astonishing together, but the wookiee soon saw that Meridius was becoming too skilled. The wookiee didn't want to risk being replaced. Sennex Pirates came to town recruiting men for slave raids, the wookiee challenged Meridius, claiming Meridius couldn't keep up with the pirates. Meridius, out of arrogance, went with the pirates leaving Tattooine. Meridius spent the next several years traveling the galaxy with the Sennex pirates, building trust with them as he did the Thallasian pirates. Soon, the captain of the Sennex pirates grew old and perished. Meridius was left as captain of the Sennex pirates. Captain Meridius made his way to Anzat where he would open up a slave market capturing slaves for many rich entrepreneurs and gangsters throughout the galaxy. His name would come to be revered.

Galactic Gladiators Edit

"I will give them bloodshed, and they will love me for it." - Captain Meridius Decibal

Captain Meridius soon began making more profit than many Hutts around the galaxy. His wealth grew and so did the skill of his crew at doing their job. Even though, the captain was filling his all of his orders, he was soon becoming very greedy and only wanted to make more money. The supply of male slaves had become a surplus and Captain Meridius was unsure how to make profit off of the male slaves he had acquired. When the Anzat Arena became available, Captain Meridius had the idea to make his male slaves fight and he would take bets on these matches. He would invite all the major political figures in the galaxy to enjoy this great sport. He sent his men to capture capture some jedi from Ruusan, but the New Order of the Jedi sensed these pirates intentions and prevented them from proceeding. However, a young, untrained, padawan named, Ranel Korde was tricked by the pirates and traveled to Anzat. When he arrived in the Gambler's Den, he was ambushed by the pirates and bound. Captain Meridius soon contacted the Byss Empire. He wished to send them this padawan to gain favor with
Darth Validus 001

Captain Meridus before the Emperor

them. Captain Meridius wanted their unwanted prisoners to fight in his arena. In this venture Captain Meridius met with the Emperor of Byss. The Emperor welcomed him and his padawan gift. He deemed the Captain's proposal a sound proposal and accepted his offer. The Emperor would now send his prisoners to the Captain as Gladiators for his arena.

Personality and Traits Edit

Meridius Decibal was known for his upbeat personality. He always tended to keep a light heart, joking attitude, and a smile. This made him particularly dangerous, because underneath that optimistic exterior was a sinister mind bent on making profit. His tendrils allowed him to sense the changes in the mood of a person, making him particularly adept socially. He was even friendly toward his enemies, putting up a facade for those around him.