Merson was hosted on the region named 'Star Wars', and vanished after only a few months of being open. It featured two sims connected in a valley between cliff walls, a massive landing pad, and NPCs custom-scripted for the sim. It used no official combat system, but both DCS and RCS were preferred if meter combat was to be done.

Merson was unique in that it broke the mold of SWRP sims while it existed; no metered combat officially, most RP was done via SecondLife voice, and the sim's timeline was 5 years before the Battle of Yavin. Because of the timeline, Jedi and Sith groups/RPers could not exist, causing outstanding drama when groups wishing to RP there were informed of this. It was the home of three separate mercenary companies. The sim was primarily controlled (IC) by the faction 'Pirates of Merson'.

Due to Linden Labs sim-pricing modifications, both sims closed down. As of this time there are no plans to resurrect the sim.