Metagaming is the act of using, or reacting to, any information obtained out of character while in character, and for this reason is highly frowned upon in role-playing communities.

For example using informations in a role-play about a character, group, or sim from the following sources are seen as forms of metagaming if the character has not learnt them previously in his background or in a role-play:

  • text told out of character
  • the name and group name above the head of the avatar
  • the information from the character profile
  • information collected by an alt
  • information on one of your real life friends
  • an internet site, such as this wiki
  • instant messages (IM), group messages, or off-world messaging systems (there are a few minor exceptions, such as playing a whisper and using IM).

The typical case of metagaming is greeting someone unknown by his or her name after having read the name over the head, but many more insidious forms exist, such as knowing someone is an enemy from reading the person's profile and starting an otherwise superfluous conflict, calling for support by IM, etc.

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