Origin of Michael AlltaEdit

He was brought into the world back in 225 ABY, a clone of Mikael Varun. Like all of his fellow brothers, he was put into the Kamino Clone Trooper Legion. Which later became the Grand Army of the Dominion. During a battle, a sith lord tricked him into entering a stasis pod. Freezing him till he could get back to his lab to experiment on him. Michael had seen a lot of battles in his time, so he had scars already from them. He slept in silence not able to say or think anything. The sith lords ship came under attacked by a Jedi Republic fleet on its way back through space. The ship crash landed on a dessert planet named Tatooine. Michael was lost amongst the wreckage getting buried by sand. A man found the pod and opened it to see what was inside. Michael then was released from stasis. He grabbed the man by the shirt and pushed him back away. Michael asking where he was, what time was it, what year, where is the sith lord. The man tried to calm Michael down but this just enraged him more. The man said the sith lord of this ship died a long time ago. The man sat down and told Michael the year and come to find out he had been in stasis for 23 years. The man explained his plans of a new government, noticing Michael's battle worn armor. The man asked him if he was a part of the Grand Army of the Dominion. Michael told the man his story. The man said I will need troopers and your armor would be perfect for this. The man showed a blueprint he had found of the phase one clone trooper armor. The man told Michael how the dominion fell apart. They left together traveling through tatooines dessert terrain. Michael becoming tanned along the way. They managed to reverse engineer Michael's armor for a 1 year and gathered information, and data. They left tatooine together not to be seen for another full year. Returning Michael stepped off of the ship with his newly built armor. Receiving the rank of Sergeant with the Trooper ID GDT - 1767, and Codename of Devil Wolf within the new military for the Galactic Demarchy. Learning of the new military named Grand Army of the Demarchy. They added the stripes to his armor and their emblem for their new government and military.

Information of Michael AlltaEdit

Michael's eyes were effected by the stasis in a strange way changing their iris color to black, and the pupil color to blue. He also got facial reconstruction before they left tatooine. Changing his hair style from his previous. Still has all of his battle scars from previous battles during war. He also took on the name Michael Allta, during his time spent on tatooine as he was a clone and had no personal name.

Achievements of Michael AlltaEdit

GDT - 1767 'Devil Wolf'

250 ABY