Mikah is a amaran doctor that has for the past several years been trapped in a violent life. Unaware of the nature of the universe she carries on as a field-medic in the employ of Dralshy'a, a mandalorian clan.


Mikah was born to an unmarried amaran woman in her early forties, whose name was Janice Rahiz. From the day of her birth, even as a small kit, Mikah seemed aware that a dark cloud hung over her mother's past. They had no relatives at all, no family friends, and what little Janice had to her name was poured into building a future for her daughter.

Mikah started school earlier than most, at the age of four; she showed a strong compassion for all life, holding no grudges and cherishing her many friends. Mikah had all the makings of being an amaran 'beast-tamer', a very highly regarded profession; she even took a few courses in the area, and showed some aptitude.

But as was normal for amarans of her age, she wanted to experiment, jumping from career path to career path until she settled on becoming a physician. Her mother supported this, and with a scholarship she had won Mikah was able to attend a university.

Mikah soon proved to be unsuited to the career of a physician; she was jumpy, notoriously forgetful, mischievous to a distracting degree, and her compassion proved to be too hindering for her to perform professionally.Her doctorate in medicine was hard to earn, and reluctantly given, but earn it she did.

After college she was only 25 years of age, and eager to escape the strict hold of the university. When an odd 'clan' of what seemed to be mercenaries began to ask around for a doctor to aid them, she was eager to join. She soon came to realize that what she had teamed up with was a clan of mandalorian warriors, and not a very well-respected one at that. Made up of only a dozen or so men of military background and little actual mandalorian heritage...the clan of Pel'gam be Beskar (Skin of Iron) was barely noticed by other Mando'ade. In fact it was shunned.

Mikah earned the hearts of her new clan...and was shortly brought in as a part of them. She stayed away from combat and treated the wounded, but her forgetfulness proved to make her too nervous. She began taking her own medications to steady her hands while she worked...and a mix of that and chemicals in the ship water-supply caused her to develop dissociative personality syndrome. On one side was the playful girl named Mikah, forgetful, hopelessly under-qualified for her job, but compassionate and willing to help anyone.

On the other side was the split persona of 'Rage', a stimulant-addicted warrior of little skill but no fear, who was masculine in nature. As the Ironskin clan favored berserker tactics, the persona of 'Rage' grew stronger and more dominant, and at some point it seemed that Mikah had lost herself to the violent ways of her dishonorable clan.

Had things continued, she would likely have been killed by her own irresponsible use of stims. But enemies of the Ironskin clan grew restless; while Mikah was on their ship, a needle in her arm, the rest of her clan was ambushed and slaughtered in the landing area outside. Mikah ran to aid them, but it was too late; the ambushers had fled and suddenly Mikah found herself...the acting Alor of Pel'gam be Beskar.

With no one left, no idea how to return home, and enemies all around, Mikah sunk into a depression. She blamed her weakness and use of chemicals on her failure to defend her clan. She was dishonored, broken, and altogether defeated; she abandoned her armor to the sands of Tatooine, and traveled into the city looking for help in finding the killers of her adopted family.

Mikah came across a male amaran wearing dark Beskar, talking to a taller female trianii with purple armor. She paused and watched for some time before she asked for their help...and she was given it in the form of an invitation into their own clan. Adopting the persona of a male berserker, Mikah accepted whole-heartedly. After it was made official, she repainted what remained of her armor gray to symbolize her loss. Green to symbolize her duty to her fallen clan. And brilliant, hot yellow to symbolize that she would find and kill every last one of those responsible with her bare claws and teeth.

Now Mikah Janice Rahiz serves as both the acting Alor of a broken clan of shameful history and lost memories, and the Verd in training of another clan on the brink of war. And all the while she hides her crushed spirit under the strong and unconquerable frame of her masculine persona, the berserker mando'ad with little training, a terrible bloodlust, and a addiction to stimulants and testosterone doses...

What will become of the playful girl she was? Who knows...