Born at planet Kamino, Amahaam City After Minna's birth, just after her mother Koa Tu noticed portent of Minna's dark green eyes, separatist bomb exploded in the Medical Emergency Acceptance Center which was few floors under Minna's room. Part of building collapsed, killing 13 and injured 34 Kaminoans. Her parents suffered death injury. Bombers was never found. Fatality but also luck, because Minna's "uncle", her mother's friend Apa Ka, high ranked administrator workertake quickly took her home in order to hide her wrong eye-colour.

Short childhood belonged Apa Ka, who can hide Mina for years in his house and teach her. As she grew and went to explore stormy planet around her home, Kaminoan Ascetics noticed her nearby one day and tried to hunt her down. There was no place for her on Kamino anymore and young Etti padawan Yrbaa Klodek with Apa Ka help her to escape.

From those days Minna wander thru space, looking for wisdom, truth about world and, of course, freedom.

She did find Haashimut planet on her way, where she had great opportunity to get to know Grand Master Maximus Blankes, Ptolemy Halcali, or few other members of The Wandering Jedi order. (While on the planet Haashimut, the Jedi found a cache of ancient archives mentioning another planet, Falang Minor, which was also used by the Jedi in ancient times. Gathering the Jedi under his command, Grand Master Maximus Blankes lead the order to the planet to reclaim it's lost information and temple and restore them to the glory it once once. For now, this is where The Wandering Jedi call home and Minna visits Falang Minor.)

Also Zonama Sekot island was great luck to find, Minna liked to visit this rainforest planet repeatedly. Lanya Windlow and Salene Lusch made impress.

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