The New Sith War, is the name given to the thousand years of conflict between the Jedi and the Sith, which lasted from approximately 2,000 to 1,000 BBY.


For almost a thousand years after the final Alsakan Conflict, the galaxy had enjoyed an era of relative peace and social and economic stability. The Sith had not been heard of since the end of the Cold War sixteen hundred years prior, and what little remnants of that order existed, posed no threat to the now unchallenged, if complacent Jedi.

During this period, a Jedi Master named Phanius resigned his commission, citing ideological objections to current Jedi dogma. Though his peers disagreed with his views, the parting was amicable, and Phanius would be commemorated as the first of the Lost Twenty, a special group of revered Jedi who had nevertheless felt the need to leave the Jedi Order. Phanius disappeared from public view, and when he re-emerged, it was as Darth Ruin, the first Dark Lord of the Sith in a thousand years, and preaching a creed of malevolent solipsism.

In the ensuing decades, the Sith quickly carved out a sprawling dominion, labeled the New Sith Empire, and their relentless attacks wore away from the reeling Republic. They quickly recaptured ancient Sith worlds such as Yavin IV and Ziost in initial attacks, and secretly sabotaged the Republic's own defense.

SWRP of MizraEdit

Currently the Sith Fleet and Army is in orbit above the planet Mizra, where the Republic has the last of their great Outer Rim outposts. The Sith Army and the Republic Army, have come together for an epic battle that will decide the fate of the Universe. Both camps know the stakes, that if the Sith take Mizra, they will brake the defended line of the Republic space. With the Republic's Outer Rim outposts captured and destroyed, the war will no longer be fought in the nuertal zone of the edge of the Rim, but will be fought on and near the home worlds of the Republic.

The first goal of both camps, would be the defense bunkers outside the Republic City walls. These bunkers provide a first line of defense, if taken by the Sith, they will serve as stagging points of their seige of the City.

Player StylesEdit

Here in Mizra, we offer players three different styles in which they can take part in the SIM. The different styles are there, so different types of players can all have a place here.

1st Style; Non-com with DCS2 meter, where players can RP here in Mizra without aggression or combat. While still can take part in several RP awards (see awards here in Rules, for different RP awards offered). This is for those players that seek only RP, and do not wish to take part in combat but still wish to gain XP.

2nd Style; Combative with DCS2 meter, where players can take part in any RP, combat, and Sith Wars. But to make a fair game, there are rules to limit combat killing sprees. This is a normal player here in Mizra, well rounded and taking part in all aspects of the SIM. Opened to all awards, from combat awards to RP awards.

3rd Style; Combative with DCS2 meter, where players can mainly focus on the Sith Wars part of the SIM. Outside the city and Sith Battlecruiser, no RP is needed, and it is straight out killing sprees. These players can hope to gain the "Top Faction" award, which is offered each week.