Moira Rhandt is a Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order and an Active Insurgent in Byss. She is the eldest daughter of Jedi Master Kyrain Rhandt, and Hapan Scientist Pria Ya'quil. Step-daughter of Renai, twin sister to Fefa, and older sister to Ailing and Kara Rhandt and sister to any other person who claim Kyrain as their father. Moira was a Padawan at the Kalway Order of Jedi and serve there for her early years of Jedi Knighthood. Now she fights along Insurgents against the Byss Empire.

Early Life: Edit

Moira is the oldest of a pair of twin, being born 1 minutes apart her fraternal twin brother Fefa, in Hapes Cluster system of Febrini. Daughter to Jedi Master Kyrain Rhandt and Hapan Scientist Pria Ya’quil. Pria would raise the twin until they were 6. They had a happy early childhood as they travel often because Pria’s job as CEO of Biotech technologies need it her to move from system to system. The twin were very close, but also had very different personalities. While Moira was more active and enjoyed physical activities, like running and playing sports. Fefa was more quiet and gentle, and prefer books then his older sister. The twins would be separated at the age of 6 because Pria would be murder on a trip to Naboo. Where Moira would remain with her Uncle Kuar and his wife Ava. While Fefa would be taken by a group of pirates, who sold him to a Sith Lord as a slave.  

Life in Naboo: Edit

At age six, Moira grew up in Naboo after her mother’s murder. Uncle Kuar and Aunt Ava took the parental responsibilities over the little girl, but they would also constantly travel to try to find Fefa or any clues to the boy’s whereabouts. Moira’s uncle and aunt didn’t have children so they were very protective of the child, but allow her to have fun and never to forget about her Mother and twin brother. Moira was allowed to attend school, but also took on hand combat style martial arts studies, self-defense and sports. Moira was also allowed to help her uncle with the shop he owned in the upper city. Moira showed abilities of being able to fix droids and machinery a like. She showed a great understanding of how machines worked and her uncle was always amazed as to what she could do, since she could pretty much repair anything.

At the age of 12, everything would change. When a group of criminals led by a darkside user attacked the repair shop. They ransacked the shop, and as Moira’s uncle tried to protect it, he got killed along his wife. At the shock of this, Moira filled with anger, manage to fight off some of the criminals, with what she had learned from herself defense classes. But was no match for the darkside user, who beat her, and force pushed her of the bridge. Tossing her into the river where she hit her head against a rock and would wash of miles away from the city. Moira would be found by Devin Gino, a well-known smuggler from Ort Mantell.

Life with Devin's Smuggler Crew:

Pretty much without memory, and barely alive, Moira was found by Devin. Who nurture the 12 year to life and protected her. Moira couldn’t remember who she was, but with Devin’s help, she manage to recover health wise, but lived the past 4 years without memories. Devin allowed the young girl to work for him as a repair person for all the machinery the ship need it.

Life as a smuggler was not that satisfying for Moira. The constant traveling and the shady dealing constantly made her wonder what would happen next. And probably Devin noticed it, the girl’s unhappiness. Devin came to realized that Moira was not a normal teenager. Moira learned to fast, she learn how to shoot a blaster accurately at a rapid time, she also learn how to fight and she could hold her own in fight, plus could fix anything if she put her mind into it. It didn’t seem normal for a teenager to be able to do all those things. So secretly Devin spoke with a Jedi, and explained the girl unique situation. The Jedi recommended it to bring the girl to a Jedi Enclave. So they travel to Yavin 4.

Arriving at Yavin 4:

16 year old Moira was observant, shy and very curious, so when arriving to Yavin 4, she felts completely at home. She felt it familiar, and especially the Jedi Knight, Kyrain Rhandt, who she would meet on her first day there. Devin had left her behind, and though at first she felt hurt, and betrayed,she eventually came to terms with his decision. She had though to work at the local cantina and save some credits to move onto another planet.

 Meetings Master Luv, made her change her mind. As the Jedi Master told her, she was strong with the force. If she stayed in Yavin 4, she could have a chance of becoming a Jedi. The idea of becoming a Jedi, didn’t made sense to her at first, as she didn’t feel worthy for the honor. But with the encouragement of the Jedi Knight Kyrain, and Jedi Master Luv. Moira realized that there was so much about herself that she didn’t know and therefore, she need it to try. So she decided take on the initiate trials, which she passed with flying colors in her first attempt. 

Padawan Years: Edit

Padawan Moira was always eager and ready to learn. As she placed the Padawan uniform, Moi pledge herself to her studies of the force, and practices of the basic lightsaber form. The training felt natural, and challenging, but she always gave it her whole. Moira made friends, Mira among them who she looked at as her older sisters and best friend. 

Master Arma took her as his Padawan learner, a year after she took on the Padawan uniform. Training with Master Arma was difficult, but interesting. They often travel and visited words. One particular incident, when they were touring Endor with a group of padawans led my Master Arma. They discovery an old base in Endor, where they triggered an explosive, and the blast injured the Jedi Master leaving him unconscious. With the little training Moira had, she managed keep everyone calmed and helped the Jedi Master out of the base. Mira, who by them was an excellent healer, threated Master Arma’s injuries while Moira flew the ship back to Yavin 4.

Fefa and Moira’s reunion.

When Moira meet feet on his arrival to Yavin 4, he felt familiar, but because she had lived with a memory lost most of her life, she didn’t recognized her twin brother.  But Fefa did recognized her and made it his purpose never to leave her side. Later the year. After an accident in the old temple they would find out that were twins, and that their father was Master Kyrian Rhant, the same Jedi who had welcomed her to Yavin 4 and helped her realized her potential as a Jedi. Moira would eventually recover parts of her memories but not fully. And Master Arma would be killed as he attempted to solo rescue a Jedi from the Sith Order.

Life without a Master:

At the loss of her first Master, and the guilt of not remember her twin brother, Padawan Moira felt lost. As she couldn’t understand why. So she decided to take a break from her studies and serve in the service corps as an engineer. Took her two years to come to terms with her feelings and to understand that the force was always in motion. But she never gave her back to her Jedi lessons. 

Later the same year, her father, Kyrain, who was now a Master, married then Jedi Knight Renai. Moira would come up to look up to Ren. Since she was so nice, and always threated the young girl as her daughter. They formed a bond, and Moira would consider Ren as her mother. Later on, Moira would have two new siblings, as Ren gave birth to twins, Ailising and Kara. This made Moira realized that she need it to be a role model, and she need it to complete her Jedi Training.

Committing to the Jedi Training:

Upon her return to Yavin 4. Master Kyrain Rhandt, her father, decided to take her on as an apprentice. 18 year old Moira was more mature, and understood the importance of calming her emotions. The place felt refreshing, but it had also changed. Master Luv was no longer Grand Master and her friends had already graduated and move on as they were now Jedi Knights. This only inspired her to continue working towards her training, and she choose a path. Moira liked combat, but she also had a natural talent for diplomacy and investigation. Sentinel path was the right path for her. But she would lose her Master to an assignment. As he was a watchman and he need it to take on another assignment of great importance.

Master Plund decided to help Padawan Moira finish her studies. Training under Master Plund was rigorous, challenging, but it gave Moira a different perspective on the Sentinel path. To this day, she considers him one of her best teacher and mentor.  But she had more than one mentor in her training. The whole Enclave contribute to her training somehow, and it is a thing, she will always remember.

Regaining her Lost Memories:

During Moira’s last year of training, she went to Felucia along with Jedi Knight Zhai, and other. To study the planet, and to get readout on the remains of an imperial base. They didn’t know that place was infected with a Rancor’s nest.  After a fight with one of the rancor, Moira was badly injured, and suffered a hit to the head. As the Jedi tried to save her, they encounter an ancient Sith ship, with a working kolto tank from the old republic era. Somehow they placed Moira into the tank, and transported her to the Medbay in Yavin 4.  Later, they would find out that Moira’s injured were quickly heal because the tank was infused with special healing properties which helped her regain all the memories she repressed from childhood.

As Moira began to gaining more memories from the past, she remembered the name of her mother, Pria Ya’quil. Which prompted Moira on an investigation, and to travel to search. Her first place to visit was the Jedi Archives in Coruscant. There she found a public record of, Biotech Technologies, and among the shareholders and pictures of the cabinet, appear the image of her mother, along with her uncles and a couple of people she didn’t know.  She also recovered holonews articles of which mention the public battles between Konrad and Pria Ya’quil.

These only poked her curiosity and to know more, Moira visited Naboo and the town where she had grown up with her uncle and aunt. The memories of her encounter with the darksider, gave her a new light on the attempt on her uncles and after more clues, she uncover that the criminals had been sent by Konrad in attempts to killed then 12 year old Moira.

Uncovering the unknown Legacy:

The knowledge of this only prompt more questions and Moira visited the town in Naboo where her mother had been killed many years ago in an explosion. There she found among the vivid holorecordings among recording of the aftermath. To see those images caused great pain, but she also found a recording she didn’t expect. Her uncle talking with Pli in catharese and with the help of Jedi Knight Eva, Moira would discovered that Pli was an actual friend of the family and that her Uncle would made her promise to dissolve the company and help keep Moira safe from Konrad. Pli did dissolved the company but the most important part of the projects, were placed in a hidden space station, she called, Zarite’s Paradise. With the help of the head Technician, Jedi Knight Lyrza, Moira would uncover the exact location of the space station.

After assembling a group of Jedi, Moira lead the group to the space station, and uncover even more secrets. The cause of the feud between Konrad and Pria. She also uncover an artificial intelligence named, Zarite, who served at the space station guiding system and controller. Among many relics, she found her Mother’s journals, share information and bank account information. After uploading all the information from the space station and transferring Zarite into a ship. Moira set the space station for self-destruction. Now that she knew the true, she only wanted to end the feud. Since she and Fefa were now Jedi, and had no need for all the material wealth.

It took Moira a couple of months to come to terms with her mother’s legacy. Biotech Technologies offered more to the galaxy, since her mother believe that the only way to help the galaxy and make it great was to be able to allow poorest population to have access to good education and health care. Pria worked so hard to try to bring that flourish that in the end only brought her more enemies, then friends. Reading the journals also gave Moira a new perspective into her mother that she didn’t know.    

Tempted by Darkside

Coming to terms with all the new knowledge was a challenge, as Moira became angry. Not only with herself, but also with Konrad. She trained hard, and allow the angrier to flourish during her lightsaber trainings. This caught the attention of a Sith. On a repair mission to the Old temple, the Sith follow to try to seduce Moira to the darkside. The Lady Sith told Moira that the only way she would be satisfied was to seek revenge on Konrad, and killed him like the pig he was. That the power of the darkside would grant it to her, but the only thing she need it to do was to give into the anger.

But even as she consider the Lady Sith’s words, Moira understood her path. Anger, Fear, Passions, were not her way, but she wanted to find out more about emotions. She didn’t see herself as a Sith, even after considering it for a slight moment. In fact it gave her more reasons to be a Jedi, and how she could help accomplish her mother’s dreams. So after considering Moira said no, but she thanked the Sith for helping her decided on her path.

Early Jedi Knighthood:Edit

Moira passed the Knight trials a month later and crafted her new lightsaber. With the help of Master Plund she knew what her path was, and what she need it to do to move forward in her path as Jedi.

After completing a couple of missions, Moira tried to take on a Padawan learner, Dessan, a male Dathomirian zabrak who came into the Yavin Enclave to seek training in the force. But unfortunately, the zabrak decided that he did not wanted to complete the training.

Moira’s first big investigation was when she was called to aid some knights in Dantooine. Apparently a Padawan, Dex Strom had attacked the Knights as they tried to detain him, since he was outside of the Yavin Enclave without his Master. What was uncover was that the Padawan was strong in the force, showed great seeker abilities that would be trigger when someone touched him. The Padawan was untrained, and the pushed from the knights only cause him more harm. After careful investigation and conversation with the Masters of the Order. It was determine that both parties were guilty.

Also during the investigation, Moira developed a bond with Padawan Strom. They were the same age, but he was a Padawan and she was a recently knighted Jedi.  After careful consideration and with the help of Master Plund, they both decided that it was best to ignore the feelings. Since he still had to continue with his Padawan training, and she need it to learn more about the force and train on her new path as a Watchman.

In effort to help the Yavin security force, Moira started a series of training to reinforce the police force of the planet. Along with few other Padawan, they establish a patrol system and workout routines. Later the same year, with the help of the GAR more training was available to the YSF.

Moira’s investigation training was complete, so her Master, believed she was ready to take on the title of Watchman of Dathomir. Moira’s assignment was to look and learn from a group of native from Dathomir, Clan of witches named Mountain singing clan. Moira meet with the mother clan and council of the clan where they agree to allow the Knight to observe them and learn. The assignment was a great learning experience for Moira, as it helped understand that not all force users had to be Jedi or Sith. It also gave her the opportunity to get familiar with Dathomir and learn some of the customs of the witches. Later the year, the clan would go deeper into the jungle of Dathomir, which allow Moira to head back to Yavin.

Meeting Devin again, came as a surprised for the young Jedi Knight. He was not the same smuggler, as now he worked more as a privateer and was on an assignment on Dathomir to rescue a prisoner from the imperial prison. So they decided to team up and worked to rescue the prisoner. They would depart in good terms as they path all the hard feeling after he had left her stranded on Yavin 4.

Weeks after Moira’s return to Yavin 4. A mysterious ship landed on the spaceport of Yavin and a group of Nautolans began shooting indiscriminately to the crowd. Moira led a group of Jedi and YSF agents to try to repel the attack. After warming the Nautolans to stop, Jedi Rhandt led the group of Padawan to fight off the attackers, injuring a couple and confiscating the ship.

Weeks after the incident in the spaceport, another mysterious ship landed on the upper level of the temple, so Jedi Rhandt helped defend the Temple against the mysterious tentacle heads who refused to listen to reason, as the previous attacked all nautolans refused to listen, few were killed in the process and other died under mysterious circumstances in the Medbay of Yavin 4.

Reuniting with her Step-Mother, Renai was a joyful occasion. Moira looked up to Ren, not only as a mother but a role model. Renai gave Moira not only ideas but also encouraged the knight to pursue her training and also added a lot of doubts. Later on she would come to understand why, and it was because she had turn to the darkside. Moira was devastated, and completely decided to concentrate on  her watchman training.

Uncovering Ren had fallen to the darkside it was a hard blow to Moira, but it also see thatleaving the KOJ was the right decision. All she had hoped to learn was now learn, and the situation with a death star and the order looking for crystals to power it, made her decision easier.  Moira did not wanted to be part of an Order that used a weapon of mass destruction for personal again. So she packed her bags and left.

Disappointed with the Order and her Step Mother’s fall to the darkside, Moira decided to  travel the galaxy and render aid to places that need it her. She also took the time to visit Cathar, where she met with Pli and helped her establish a service corporation which offer aid to the poorest population of the system. 

Devin’s death:

The news of Devin’s death came to Moira as a bucket of cold water. Since she had keep closed communication with the smuggler, now turn privateer. So to investigate the incident Moira traveled to the Tapani sector where the incident occurred and there she uncovered that Devin was aiding a Jedi to recover an artifact. But the Artifact was stolen by a Weequay and a Trandosian, to track down the two scumbag, Moira had to travel to Byss.   

Helping the Insurgents: Edit

In Byss, Moira found the two scumbag in the local cantina. Since she had arranged a previous buyout with them, she showed up, willing to give them the credits. But the two scumbag had another idea, to double cross her, and steal her credits, and an altercation started, where Moira would be injured, but in the process she made contact with an Insurgent, who would aid her defeating the scumbag, and escort her to the clinic, where her wounds were treated by Anna.

Moira would suffer a broken rib, and took her a couple of days to recover. In the process she would get to meet the Padawan. An insurgent in Byss was a ridiculous idea, Moira didn’t think it was possible, but noticing that the Padawan was basically alone and looking for her Master. She decided to stay and help.

The more locals she meet the more Moira’s mind was made up. To aid Byss’s revolution they need it to establish a huge riot, but also to take on the ISM. Which they did on a couple of occasions. With the aid of benefactors they came up with a plant. But it required undercover surveillance of the upper city, to figure out ISM patrol routines and how they keep monitor of the Upper city. Moira volunteer for the assignment.

On her third, Moira felt a familiar present on the bridge. It was Ren, and as usual she couldn’t help herself from getting near. As the conversation continue, Ren uncover Moira’s presence under the disguise. So she took Moira prisoner and interrogated her wanting to know why was Moira in Byss, but even after threating the life of her sisters, Moira couldn’t betray the trust of the people in the under city.

Confronting the true of her Step Mother, now known as Lady Vestra, was a hard one, it took Moira few nights, and having a corpse of a fellow Insurgent in a cell with her to understand. Ren had gone too far, and she need it to be stopped. The next day, Moira was presented before the Sith Council, but they didn’t seemed to want to know why a Jedi was in the upper city nor tried to interrogate her. They order her Ren to killed Moira.

Which she would eventually do, or make it appear as she did. Since someone was already waiting at the bottom of the pit with a jetpack and speeder. They would rush unconscious Moira on to a ship, into a bacta tank and off planet. After 3 days in the tank, she was let out and examine by doctors and were told that she had a fracture in her neck, but she avoided futher damage since she had been caught just in time. It took her a week to recover somewhat and took in a new disguise to go to Byss.

Planning an uprising