Morgana of Dathomir, alternatively known as Morgan, Morgen, Morgaine, Morgain, Morigan, Morgant, Morgane, Morgne, Morge, Morgue, and other names, is a Witch from the planet, Dathomir.

She is often found in Coruscant lower city where she works as a humble fortune teller in Club Eclipse and the Wonders Shop, despite her formidable magicks.

Character BiographyEdit


Personality and TraitsEdit

She is poised, mysterious, and utterly composed, Morgana is a seductive and formidable beauty full of secrets and danger. She is keenly observant - clairvoyant even - as well as an expert medium. Her gifts are powerful and useful to those around her. A witch with an eye keener than any mans, Morgana was an ambitious practitioner of dark magic with fathomless power that she very rarely displayed, often working as a simple fortune teller.

Many believed that judging Morgana by her humble attire was a mistake, as she had uncanny powers to foretell the future, to summon up spirits, perform spells and rituals and to look deep into peoples souls. It is often alluded to that Morgana may also have honed the ability to teleport using her magicks. So it was to this mysterious and beautiful mystic, that many occasionally turned to for help.

Among her other traits, Morgana was known to barter. She was more than willing to offer her services to those in need, and in return she would request a boon. In some cases she was more than happy to accept payment in the form of strange artifacts and often, a lock of your hair.

As a mysterious soothsayer or seer, Morgana also liked talking in riddles, perhaps so others could solve them. Morgana appeared to be an eccentric, but her skills in the realm of magic were exceptional. On her face, Morgana often wore black paints to symbolize her witch status.

Prophecies and ReadingsEdit

Working as a humble Fortune Teller despite her brilliant magicks, here are a few examples of Morganas readings and prophecies.

1. Cayce Urriah

  • Morgana knew her name without being first introduced.
  • Morgana alluded to her recruitment into the Republic Marshals.
  • Morgana knew that Cayce was not her birth name.
  • Morgana knew Cayces planet of origin.
  • Morgana knew about Cayces force power over animals.
  • Morgana prophesized 'a touch of destiny that will reveal itself in the form of a service'.
  • Morgana alluded to Cayces proud personality.

2. Jen De'Voka

  • Morgana knew her full name without being first introduced; Sedriss Veronica Kraai'ta Jen De'Voka.
  • Morgana alluded to Jens origins with strong precision, noting her nobility.
  • Morgana alluded to Jens duties as an unofficial princess, noting her royalty, powers and determination.
  • Morgana alluded to Jens sexuality and the choice she must make between two loves.
  • Morgana alluded to the pressures of Jens life, noting her own crippled heart.
  • Morgana alluded to the son that Jen had lost and wanted to find, noting she had lost something very deer to her heart and ached to get it back.