Morpheus was created by Sith on Telos IV as Atticus Jetaime. Morpheus was meant to one day take over the mind and body of Atticus, but through a set of circumstances, became a separate being. He is now viewed as Atticus' "brother."


Early LifeEdit

A Sith by the name of Darth Aatos had a vision of a powerful Dark Lord taking over the planet Telos IV... many years in the future. Aatos decided that he would put this path into motion. He used altered genes from Ancient Sith and implanted them into an egg that was taken from the Dark Jedi, Lady Raven. When the boy, Atticus, was born, Aatos gave him up for adoption to a merchant couple - Morpheus and Sarah Jetaime. Aatos put plans in motion to one day bring out the darkness that was growing in Atticus... the one called Morpheus.

A young Sith by the name Natalie Sin was also on Telos with a Sith faction led by Dark Lady Sage. Natalie was trained by a follower of Aatos himself…it would be Natalie who would make sure Atticus met his fate and become the Dark Lord of Telos. Her first attempt was simple... trick the pregnant Master Giove into turning Sith to save her "child." Once turned, Giove (now Lady Seryl), told Atticus that she would kill their unborn baby if he did not turn is well.

Atticus fell, and then became Lord Morpheus of the Sith. He was a cruel Sith, but intelligent…often disagreeing with his superiors in how the Sith could best rise to power. He believed that the Sith should only kill if it was strategic... that power could be won through manipulation, not obliteration. Seryl grew wary of him, and turned her sights on their daughter, Sabintha, who was quite strong in the force. Seryl's madness and belief in Sith Alchemy led her to attempt the murder of Sabintha. This drove Morpheus back to the light...

Morpheus, Dark Lord of TelosEdit


Natalie Sin brings back Morpheus, Dark Lord of Telos.

But then something unexpected happened...Atticus sacrificed himself for his birth mother, the Lady Raven. Natalie Sin returned to Telos, and learned of Atticus' death. She used her knowledge of sith alchemy to do a ceremony at his tomb... it was their that she rose the pure darkside of Atticus and transfered it into an Atticus clone the Sith had created. Thus was born the Dark Lord Morpheus. But being pure darkness, he was not the Morpheus from years earlier. Gone was the reasoning and planning. All this monster wanted was power…no matter who he had to kill to get there. He adopted a Sith woman named Nemu as his daughter…an attempt to show him as a caring being.

Natalie watched as her creation spun out of control. He tricked a Teras Kasi Master by the name of Xoza Shadow to take him to the Valley of the Jedi. It was there that Morpheus was able to gain much power, and create a Clone Army of himself. He also stole plans of the old Star Forge, secretly making that above Telos. With the Forge completed, Morpheus used his army to take Telos... throwing it into civil war... a war where thousands died. Natalie felt that the path that led to Morpheus was wrong and against the Force itself. She abandoned the Sith and became a being of true balance... not Jedi or Sith. She left to learn more about these ways…and to try and repent for her sins.

So the dream of Aatros came to pass…but Morpheus' arrogance and lust for power got the better of him. The Jedi rose the spirit of Atticus' lightside and placed it into a captured Clone. Xoza Shadow and the reborn Atticus faced of Morpheus, injuring him and chasing him off into solitude. It was then that Sage betrayed Morpheus and turned him over to the Government of Telos (something that Morpheus actually wanted). In a trial that was deemed unfair, Morpheus was found guilty of treason and sentenced to death…but he was killed in the streets by an angry mob. His body was then burned by an insane Rodian for six minutes straight. Atticus watched this himself and grew depressed at the state of "justice." He then learned that the dark spirit of Morpheus had been seen in the undercity of Telos and sought it out... Atticus allowed Morpheus to join him.

But both were suprised…for the joining of the two extremes seemed to create someone new. He was neither Atticus nor Morpheus... but a sum of the two parts. But though Morpheus was a part of Atticus, he was not in control. He was to spend the next several decades within Atticus' body, only to be truly alive within the subconscious.

The Return of MorpheusEdit

Due to an injection of sith poison, Atticus lost control of Morpheus. In an attempt to mend the trauma done by the poison, Morpheus agreed to help Atticus. But as he lived amongst the Sith, he met the Apprentice of Lady Dolor - Malicia. Morpheus began to pursue her, as he often did with the female sex. But something had changed in Morpheus... he had feelings. Very quickly, the two fell in love, making it harder for Morpheus to give the body back to Atticus.

Morpheus sought instead to get the plans for Dolor's "Project Raven" to the PGA. Perhaps this act would be good enough to pay for his past sins. Dolor agreed to give Morpheus the plans, if he were to turn over the innocent Reena Kaji (as bait to capture Reena's sister, Evu). Morpheus reluctantly agreed, but was then horrified when Dolor killed Reena slowly to get back at Evu. His realized something...he was not Atticus...but he was no longer the cruel Morpheus of Telos either. He knew that the right thing was to give back Atticus his body. In a moment of sacrifice, Morpheus repaired the split within Atticus' body.

Brothers 001

Atticus and Morpheus...separate again.

For reasons unknown, Atticus asked Natalie Sin to once again separate the two. In a ceremony upon the ship Oneiros, Natalie once again performed a ceremony of transference of Morpheus into a clone that Atticus provided. Though this time, the ceremony was different…not of darkness.

Morpheus awakened, in his own body. What was said between the three is unknown, but they parted ways and Morpheus once again lives amongst the Sith…largely to be with the Sith woman who he originally sacrificed his life for - Malicia. He joined Malicia in the Sith Dynasty on Korriban. There, he is the Master of Subversion.

Morpheus is content, but what are his true motives? Only time will tell.


Wife: Dark Lady Malicia

Daughter: Jade Jetaime

Step-Daughter: Nemu Jetaime

Birth Mother: Dark Lady Raven

Brother: Atticus Jetaime

Sister: Divine Slade

Granddaughter: Acantha Heron

Neice: Iria Starr


Like Atticus, Morpheus is an expert with force powers of the mind. Unlike Atticus, he is an expert with the saber. Morpheus is also cunning when it comes to politics, often using his gifts to turn people against one another as opposed to using his powers on them.

Morpheus can be described as Chaotic Neutral: He knows he lives in a world of Chaos and chooses to see the joke in that fact. He embraces this chaos, yet is also loyal to those he cares for. These traits often lead him to doing the right thing unintentionally.

Sith Master Morpheus (Force Powers):

He is an expert at to throw objects and hold beings easily.

He is also a master of Force Choke and Force Grip.

Though he can heal, he is not as good as Atticus since he is of the darkside.

Mind powers:

Mind Control

Force Fear

Force Illusion - several dark side applications such as using an illusion to conceal a dangerous pitfall, or to torture their opponents with phantom pain.

Drain Knowledge: a dark side ability used to extract knowledge out of a sentient without his or her consent.

Torture by chagrin: mentally reaching into the victim's mind, forcing them to relive all the worst memories of their life, both painful ones and ones that were merely embarrassing, over and over and over again to the point where it almost seemed to cause physical pain.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Morpheus refers to the Lord of Dreams in the "Sandman" comics.