Mos Espa is a settlement on the desert planet of Tatooine. A mix of sand homes , workshops and stores are inhabited by traders, miners, slaves, thieves and racers. Ships are visiting its spaceports to trade and supply its markets and stores with many items, With a no questions asked attitude to trade many items are considered illegal or black market.

Closed Dec 2011 Edit

There is a new Mos Espa SIM here Mos Espa (NHC)

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Hutt Clans Edit

For hundreds of years the Hutts have ruled over Mos Espa.

While other factions and groups fight for power amongst themselves the Hutts continue to trade with any one and prefer to keep cargo shipments moving. The Great Hutt Lyzo Nasirii is leader of the Nasirii Clan. Belutric Nasirii former leader and now Crime Boss supports Lyzo as he expands trade for the clan. Nasirii employ many people from numerous groups to work and trade for them.

Other clans that would share rule over Mos Espa are represented as NPCs.

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Last Shot Cantina Edit

The Last Shot is owned by the Nasirii. Over time diffrent people have been employed to manage the cantina. Unfortunatly all managers have failed to expand its trade and have not pleased the Nasirii owners. The last manager a Black Sun member failed to supply any profits from the cantina. After no events, no profit and no contact from the manager, they were fired by Belutric Nasirii.

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Pod Racers Edit

Hutts sponsor the races and offer a way to make some extra credits as a racer or by placing a bet at the track.

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