Moy Borsuk is half human, half farghul character of SWRP. He was the first fully trained Jedi Knight within the Kalway Order of Jedi.


Well, to begin with as for my species I am half Human and half Farghul. My mother, Kalla, was a Nabooian and my father, Lyrrin, is a Farghul (a feline humanoid species which inhabit the planet of Ferrfin). As for my mother she died when I was about the age of ten, and my father left just after I was born. So as for my childhood I was raised by my grandmother, Nila, whom was the head maid for the palace and university on Naboo. So as a result I spent much time in the libraries and palace halls. As I grew I felt a strong need to travel to other planets, and after the death of my grandmother I was given a holocron as part of her personal belongs inwhich she wished me to have. The holocron was full of many sentiments but I learned that my father did not leave when I was young, but was slaughtered by his own people for breeding with a Human. I left Naboo and turned to traveling the galaxy trying to find a place...there was was nothing left on Naboo for me...

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I was brought to the planet New Yavin IV. Where I was interviewed and it was decided I be trained in the ways of the Jedi. In the Kalway Order of Jedi temple.

When I was promoted from Adept to Apprentice I, Lady Micha chose me to be her apprentice. Sadly she left the Order and turned to the darkside, which was very troubling. After a few weeks she returned to the Jedi order, just to leave again due to personnal reasons that I am unawear. Master Moonsoo took me as her apprentice when Lady Micha left.

As for the path I have chosen, it is that of a Consular. I feel lead toward this path for several personal reasons, my belief being one of them. I perfer to use reason, compassion and respect, I use the Force when needed, for knowledge, defense and the aid of others. Another reason for my decision is my desire to stay on planet and teach others.

Through my growth and an apprentice, I have had the honor of being trained by three Council Masters, Master Moonsoo which I owe much of my saber skills to aswell as knowledge of the battle field, Master Tuqiri which I owe much of my patience and construction skills, and Master Elswit which I owe my medical knowledge and compassion. Their training and wisdom lead me to my knighthood.

I was the first to be knighted at Kalway Order of Jedi, this is a great honor, none of which could be possible without the teaching and guidance of my Masters. They have made me the Knight I am today. My devotion to this Order will not waiver. I took a personal oath the night after my knighting that I would do what I could to see the growth of this order and my masters teachings be sent through to my future padawan, to ensure the growth and development of the Order.

Near three months of being a knight, I received a transmission....

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I left the order upon receiving a transmission

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