Naboo is a planet of the Star Wars Universe.

On Second Life, a sim represented Theed, the human capital of Naboo. Of note, the sim was, at its closure, the second-oldest SWRP sim in existence, only made young by the sim of Ossus, and is therefore an integral part of SL SWRP history. This original Theed was located on half of the Brunswick region.

Despite its vaunted neutrality, pressure is building in Naboo space as the Grand Army of the Republic and the Royal Court of Onderon in Exile begin to use Naboo for a series of clandestine meetings. Several commerce raiders have stationed their ships in Naboo space, disguised as cargo haulers and freighters.

Naboo Palace

Naboo's royal palace (old build)

This is a roleplay sim, with many shops and housing including major SWRP 'brands' and the main store of the RCS combat system and Force powers, which is owned by the sim owner Nenilai Valentine.

The housing here is excellent, currently running 100L$ for 100 prims for a luxury apartment. The atmosphere of Theed is currently one of "serene neutrality." For business-person, or perhaps wealthy bureaucrats, this is an excellent location to live in and conduct any business affairs that require a certain amount of discretion.

Griefing Edit

Theed was long time ago a major target for OOC griefing, and oldies may still remembers some issues. Thus, the situation is now cleared and the sim hosts roleplay stories again.

Space Station Edit

There is also a sizable, largely-abandoned Space Station high above Theed, and it is rumored that many of the clandestine meetings thought to be taking place on Naboo are actually held here, though this cannot be confirmed.

Rebuild & Relocation (Larose, 2009) Edit

During the late Spring of 2009, Theed's owner, Nenilai Valentine decided to expand and modernize Theed, however because of the limited size of the Brunswick region's land and prim availibility, the decision to move Theed to another larger region was made, which meant leaving Brunswick after three years.

The replacement Theed was soon constructed inside the entire Larose region in partnership with JohnWinston VanDyke and became the first ever full-region version of the Naboo capital when it officially opened on 1st June 2009. The new Theed featured a much larger, denser city, featuring the Theed Palace, Royal Starfighter Hangar, a wide variety of homes and shop units, two flowing rivers, towering waterfalls and an extensive underground network of hidden caves to explore. This new version of Naboo also featured a Jedi temple and an orbiting Imperial space station.

Sadly, in September 2009, three months after re-opening, Naboo, City Of Theed (Larose) was closed.