Namine is a woman, Togruta, Jedi Padawan of DJE Dantooine Jedi Enclave


Namine was born in Shili, her parents traveled a lot to sell weapons or Twi'lek slave, so she knows perfectly Twileki. She lived most of her childhood in Shili, but also lived in the capital Csilla, Csaplar. When she was just 7 years her parents were going back to Shili to live in peace. But the ship began to have breakdowns. Then landed on Dantooine. Parents Namine asked her to give a tour of the planet while fixing the ship. But when she returned, they were gone, leaving her alone in the world. The Jedi helped her to find his father Shili, but had not returned from years ago. And since then Namine Just people from DJE .

Namine eventually decided to join the Jedi Order where she had helped and then to help people who need it, like she need to DJE one of the worst moments for her.
Namine 001

Namine Padawan


Namine y kaz

Master kaz and namine

Namine after joining the Jedi Order as a student,had several requests to be taken as a padawan and even a man trying to convince her to meet a side that she had seen earlier while traveling with their parents, offered to enter the dark side. She denied the request immediately and the man was arrested for Blade. After looking at various applications of several master she decided to accept the application for Kaz, a Jedi Master Twilek purple, become a Padawan.


Mission to the planet ByssEdit


Namine and most of the Dantooine Jedi went to Byss, to seek information about a little boy with a great connection with the force. When we got all the activity appeared to be no great Sith on the planet, then began to roam around
Despedida de byss
Byss to seek information on, but apparently we got a notice back to Dantooine.They went to many parts of Byss before leaving this planet. When Namine was about to board the ship saw a strange figure in the shadows.though perhaps never know who was this strange figure...

Namine is kidnappedEdit

Namine on taris
Namine was abducted by a known bounty hunter, call Alena. She disappeared several days, she received several hits and made to take a poison. When the rescue team managed to find on Taris. She returned to Dantooine, at first all seemed normal without the many blows that she had Receveid, But the poison began to take effect. She had a huge headache and was very hot. They were in search of healing, achieved with the transport of a spider-like creature, but the spider began to attack Dantooine, luckily there were only a few wounded.

Finishing trainingEdit

Namine knew that soon it would end the training. Kaz had been a Master for her, like many other Masters. Namine met great friends, the padawan Luna, she was among them, she is a former darksider and padawan of Master Blade is like a sister to Namine and also Alyana she is a twilek color of blue, for she is a big Namine friend, Angel and Magno Also is as family for she. Finally, she was named knight of DJE, and Jedi Sentinel ; Jedi Shadow.


My frist Whip Laser

My frist Laser Whip

is my first laser whip, with this whip I developed my skill with laser whips, but from a very small and using a small whip normal. That is the reason that I use a laser whip.


It's a mix between a normal sword and a lightsaber, when I master perfectly the whip started using this weapon