Childhood and Early LifeEdit

Nashara was born on Corellia and given to her Father by her Mother as a going away present. Some present that was huh? To be given your child and then told that your wife was leaving not only you but the planet never to return?

Tiberius did they best he could on what little money her made as a tender at the local cantina. Raising Nashara turned out to be a joy for him and when he found out she was Force Sensitive at the age of five, it was something he forced her to ignore through gentle manipulations, words of love, and stories about the Jedi and Sith that made her cringe. During her sixth year she met a girl named Rexie, they quickly became close friends, and like sisters over time, nothing they could not do together, tell each other, or help each other with. Virtually inseperable in every way Rexie gave Nashara, a shortened version of her name as it was a bit of a mouthful, and Shara stuck, everyone liking this version much better including herself.

Through the years Nashara became introverted always wondering what had happened to her mother and if she would ever be more than what her Father was, she did not want to take over his business working at the Cantina, she felt that she was destined for more than life on Corellia.

Discussing this with her best friend, Shara was told by Rexie to just let it go, that such feelings were only normal among humans, Rexie is a Cathar you see...and that she would end up being much more successful then her father was. More time escaped and even though they remained close friends, something changed. Shara became attracted to Rexie, grew to love her in a way that she knew deep down should not be acknowledged, so she hid it away never to be spoken of.

Death of her FatherEdit

Shara found out on her eighteenth birthday that she was very "lucky" and the feelings that she was meant for something more returned. But this night would be the worst for her. She came home to find three people in her Father's home, Dad, some man dressed in black, and a Jedi. What were they all doing here, especially since the Jedi was making wild accusations about her Father working for the enemy, giving them information and secrets he pickd up working in the cantina. A fight broke out and the Assassin and her Father were killed by the Jedi. With only the condolences from the Jedi Master, she was left to weep and grieve on her own.

For the next two years Shara conducted an investigation and what she found out was staggering a true blow and shock to her system. Her Father had been a spy for Republic. The man in black had come to kill him and retrieve a vital piece of information but had led the Jedi to believe that he was working for the Empire.


Her Father had been murdered, cut down in cold blood by the Jedi. The very ones sent out to protect had caused her world to become shambles of it's former self. She left Corellia, Rexie behind. Using her smarts, feminine wiles, and other things to gain passage on freighters. Following her mind, and heart where it would lead her. Making her way to Coruscant, imagine her surprise when she found two things there. Her very bestest friend Rexie, and that she was Force Sensitive. Not knowing what to do with herself now...she lives in a world of pain and loss. Anger, and fear of what the future holds.

Having discussed her past with Rexie and knowing that all keys to her future lie within that very past she had tried to forget, she discussed this with her best friend, of adventures they had both missed, of how they had lost sight of each other only to find one another again.

Joining the SithEdit

It was during one of their discussions that Rexie had let the first three letters to the planet of Korriban slip out of her lips. Shara figuring it out on her own, left the next day without a word. She fell prey to the Sith there, turned into a slave, used by many and available for more she had her mind wiped by Darth Dolor, and over time became as corrupted as the rest on the planet.

Now a Sith Adept, her future is quite clear. She has become Dolor's handmaiden, what this means, is a secret that even she does not know. Forever gone is Shara, having been replaced by Biana, Darth Dolor's handmaiden and Sith Adept. Time will tell what happens to her.

The Sith she knew on Korriban had helped her to capture Rexie who had come looking for her friend. Biana had tortured the Cathar girl, tried to turn her but had been un-successful for several days. Now she found that Rexie had hidden some darts that when used knocked Biana out cold.

Leaving the SithEdit

They now make their way for Coruscant, Rexie trying to help her friend make her remember her past, her Father, and to heal her memory and her soul....who knows what will happen now. Having arrived on Coruscant, they ran into a Master Jedi named Azlum who helped to heal Shara. Now fully herself once more she desires to atone for her sins and help people who need it, as a Jedi. She applied and was accepted by the Covenant on Coruscant, to be trained in the Jedi Arts.

Becoming a Jedi, and discovering her HeritageEdit

Having been taken into the Covenant was the best decision that Shara had ever made. She was quickly taken on as a Padawan Learner by Lady Jys. Her training is coming along quickly but something nagged at her, a need to return home. To go back to Corellia and to see her Father's home. Getting permission from her Master and Rexie from her own, they left on a two day trip to see what was drawing Shara there.

Arriving on Corellia, they made their way quickly to her former home. Investigating the ruins of the place, it seemed that there was nothing there at first. But they ended up finding her Mother's Jedi Robe. The second that Shara put it on, she felt her Mother's presence. Her calm demeanor, filling her with peace. A blue lightsaber crystal was also found. One that had belonged to Ja'cina, her Mother. It whispered to her, it's blue facets reflecting the light around them it seemed to glow.

The last item discovered was a holo-recording. One that explained to Shara about her heritage. Of how she had noble Hapan blood flowing through her veins, how her parents were both Jedi Masters and that they had to be separated both from being hunted by the Sith, and the death threats they had received hoping to wipe out their line from any claim to a Hapan throne.

But Shara had survived all of this, and now knew her history, her family ties. She knew that she must put this all behind her, to learn of becoming a Jedi, just like her parents. But she could not help but wonder what if? Returning to Coruscant, she resumed her lessons and wondered what else her future held in store for her.