"The Nel-oca'ssrim were one of the tribes that allied with Vashtar's new tribe." -Nasaji Oba explaining to K'ara Re'ti about her own tribe's troubling past.

Nel-oca'ssrim is a very old togruta tribe of hunters that existed even before Shili was discovered by exploration scouts, at the very begining of the Old Republic . Little is known of this tribe, particularly because they rejected most advanced technology amongst them, it also caused most of their exact story to become twisted or forgotten due to the fact they thaught their past by mouth-to-ear and only a few written stories.

It is told amongst the Nacaal Tribe of Shili that they had forged an alliance with the Nel-oca's when the warlord Kulka tried to take by force the Great Equatorial Rainforest, where both tribes were established at that time.

Since this civil war, the Nel-oca's decided to train their future generations,such tradition still exists even thousands of years later. The elders chosed a few togruta from each generation and thaught them to become wise healers and warriors, for the protection of their tribe as well as the wilderness of their forests.

The Forgotten LegendEdit

There is also a legend known only by the Nacaal, strangely, that says the Nel-oca's were one of the rare tribes that rallied together against the corrupted jedi that wanted to conquer the primitive world for it's abundant ressources and dangerous fauna. A group of shaman, which were in fact force-sensitive togrutas, were able to resist the overwhelming enemies but just barely. Even though it was just enough to let the real Jedi arrive and help them defend themselves. These dark jedi were supposedly a small group that participated during the second great schism, though this information has no real proof, which makes the story a legend.

The legend says that these events eventually lead to many force-sensitive togruta joining the Jedi Order, some of them were already well trained in the art of healing, using the force itself along with natural remedies such as vegetal or animal enzymes. It is thought the Nel-oca's had many force sensitives amongst their ranks because of their particular role in this war and their strong sense of togetherness with the fauna and flora of Shili.

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