Nel Sudki is a powerful Jedi Master who travel's a lot.

Nel Sudki was born on Yavin IV and rasied there till the age of four. His father was a evil sith lord and his mother was a bounty hunter willing to do anything to capture her victims. His father soon killed his mother in a battle and betrayed his son, selling Nel to a Hutt in LME. He was a slave there and was forced to work. He was discovered by a Jedi Council named Trevor. Who granted permission to Master Foehammer to give Nel his teaching.

Nel Sudki then became a Jedi Master who traveled around from planet to planet. He has faced many battles and the scars haunt him. He was a Jedi Master in the Order Of Outsiders. He was rumored to been dead due to a crash on Dxun, but he was found by a stranger. He deep proceeded to his mission at the time, to find out about the secrets of the base over at Dxun.

Nel soon traveled to LME and was injured badly by a sith who stole his lightsaber. He was healed by a trooper and he tried to find the young one who stole his saber, but never got luck.

Nel Sudki is haunted by the coming and passing of his closest friends, haunted by the memories. Nel Sudki was last working for mando's on missions to kill Jedi. It was rumored that Nel Sudki didn't want to kill Jedi's as some were his friends and then he was sent to Byss to burn in the lava for trying to recross over from Sith to Jedi. Nel Sudki only realtive is his sister. 

You can spot Nel Sudki at these location sometimes...

  • Byss (His rumored death place)

Nel Sudki then resurrected as a new person with a new life, but still is bothered from his long hurtful past. He belongs to no order, but instead chose the path as a traveling 'lone Grey Jedi. He is currently still wanted by few members of his former order...

'The way of The Sith, the evil in them... Is not the sight of the Force and will not be the sight of me!' - Old Nel quote.