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Cobalt Ra'ann Starkiller, Nelvaanian and Jedi Initiate of the GLA Jedi Vanguard, on Uvena Prime

Nelvaanian is a species of the Star Wars Universe, originating from the planet Nelvaan. Nelvaanians are a species of primitive blue-furred lupine humanoids, living in clans and practicing a form of animist religion which worships their homeplanet as the Great Mother. Their culture is reminiscent of Native American traditions, and their language, known as Nelvaanese, somewhat ressembles a form of Hungarian.

Nelvaanian avatar Edit

A blue-skinned furry fox or wolf would be adequate as long as it isn't too small, though i myself use the blue anthro hyena avatar from Jakkal Dingo's Werehouse (in Therianation), mostly for its highly realistic design and absence of any 'anime' features. (Cobalt Carter)

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