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Neo Sion with his Praxeum Jedi starfighter on Endor

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Neo Sion explains his history to a young Master Mass Questi and Master Vin Shu Blessed

A human male Jedi who turned to the Darkside and joined the Sith.

"a chain is not stronger than his weakest we must help all our links to make our chain stronger" Neo Sion

Early YearsEdit

Neo Sion was former pilot of the republic Starfleet and Jedi.

Recorded LOG: Neo Sion Location: Coruscant Temple Time: appox. 208 ABY

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Neo Sion, Jedi Temple, Coruscant

[13:40] Mass Questi: I would very much like to learn more about your personal history...even before the NOJ... [13:41] Vin Shu Blessed: yes indeed [13:42] Neo Sion: is a long history.... [13:42] Mass Questi nods in understanding [13:42] Neo Sion: I don't mind if u have time... [13:43] Neo Sion: the first Jedi I saw was if I'm not wrong Nakio Reitveld, he had an order of Jedi and I found their sacred land.. [13:44] Neo Sion: i was lost in the world...was a traveler but that man told me...I sense something on you. He took me to their temple and taught me the basics of the Jedi Philosophy, saber training and also some flight lessons. [13:46] Mass Questi: Where were you traveling from? where were you from originally? [13:46] Neo Sion: well...I was born in Naboo but was travelling form there to Tatooine when our ship crashed, only my mother survived... [13:48] Neo Sion: she was pregnant when we crashed and Gungans scouts found us there [13:49] Mass Questi: Interesting people the Gungans.... [13:49] Vin Shu Blessed: very [13:49] Mass Questi: But generally honorable [13:49] Neo Sion: they helped us...but my mother was badly injured and died hours after the crash [13:49] Mass Questi lowers his head...sorry to hear that Neo [13:49] Neo Sion: they are curious people [13:50] Neo Sion: is ok Master [13:50] Maya Lockjaw: I'm sorry, neo ._. [13:50] Vin Shu: as am I Neo [13:50] Neo Sion: well after being my first years with the gungans underwater...I knew that Jedi I told you, Nakio Reitveld [13:50] Maya Lockjaw nods [13:51] Neo Sion: he helped me with my Jedi training and made me a Knight.... [13:51] Neo Sion: Knight Of The Jedi Temple [13:51] Mass Questi: Fitting we sit here now [13:52] Neo Sion nods [13:52] Neo Sion: well...after being on mission for the master started to have estrange behavior... [13:53] Neo Sion: and as many jedi who know the power of the darkness he felt [13:53] Neo Sion: then I got lost again... [13:53] Neo Sion: but in one of my missions I had meet an old Jedi Master [13:54] Neo Sion: that master was Marcus Moreau [13:54] Mass Questi smiles [13:54] Neo Sion: I had no home at that time.... [13:54] Neo Sion: so Marcus was very kind on me and gave me one of the temple dorms [13:54] Neo Sion: and carried on my training [13:55] Neo Sion: assigned Master Dougall as my master [13:55] Neo Sion: I was there for a long time...and finally knighted by Master Marcus [13:56] Mass Questi: I sensed a great connection between you and him [13:56] Mass Questi: when we met [13:56] Neo Sion: my knighthood with master Nakio was just symbolic, everyone helped [13:56] Neo Sion: then i was an "official "Jedi Knight [13:57] Mass Questi: Excellent [13:57] Neo Sion: I protected the new Holstice lands so many times...

[13:57] Neo Sion: but then...i took a padawan...Lance Dassin.... [13:57] Neo Sion: my first one [13:57] Neo Sion: and he would betray us [13:58] Neo Sion: turning to the darkside... [13:58] Neo Sion: i felt really bad about that [13:58] Mass Questi: I can imagine [13:58] Neo Sion: but well time went on [13:58] Maya Lockjaw: indeed [13:59] Neo Sion: after having two or three more padawans knighted, I forgot that incident [13:59] Neo Sion: but again...I had another Padawan.... [13:59] Neo Sion: she was not following the dark [14:00] Neo Sion: but she started a civil war... [14:00] Neo Sion: the Jedi didn't trust each other [14:01] Neo Sion: Many decided to leave the order...the order of the Jedi had failed...

[14:02] Neo Sion: some time after that...some loyal knights founded the KOTOR another jedi order and the refuge for those in the Jedi Order [14:02] Neo Sion: I became Mastered there after some time and was in the Council [14:03] Neo Sion: after that the Jedi Order would see the light again [14:04] Neo Sion: were good times for the Jedi [14:04] Neo Sion: times of peace [14:04] Neo Sion: we had a feared amount of Jedi Guardians...and sith weren't allowed in our sacred lands [14:05] Neo Sion: personally don't like the idea of attacking visitor to the temple but...after a time Sith left the idea of an attack [14:06] Neo Sion: well after that...we had almost all...lots of members...great lands...amazing temples... [14:06] Neo Sion: all that power was the ruin of the Jedi [14:07] Neo Sion: and this time would be worse [14:07] Neo Sion: some of the Jedi felt to the darkside...and included [14:07] Mass Questi let's a concerned look cross his face [14:08] Neo Sion: so we decided to do it in the easy way... [14:08] Neo Sion: yes...Master a sith too..


Some years after Neo's fall to the Darkside he sought to redeem himself by joining the Jedi again. At first he joined New Order of the Jedi but had a difficult time making friends there. Neo was much older than many of the other padawans so found very little things in common with them. It was at this time that he started to develop a close relationship with Mass Questi, Vinshu Blessed, Cade Renard and Maya Lockjaw "Astel Co'arp". Soon after he left Yavin 4 (NOJ) and joined theJedi Praxeum on Coruscant. Neo assisted Mass and Vin Shu in training the other padawans which greatly impressed the council. He taught the other padawans history, flight training, and lightsaber technics.
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He even held his own against Master Questi and Maya Lockjaw in a lightsaber duel. He was so skilled with a saber that Master Blessed and Master Questi often discussed Neo becoming the future Weapons Master for the Jedi Praxeum.

Neo was approved to take the Jedi trial and would be granted the title of Jedi Knight. Master Questi and Master Blessed was given the honor by the council to Knight Neo once again.

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Neo's second chance as a Jedi Knight

[14:28] Mass Questi: Since the day I met you on Yavin, I have been impressed with your conviction and compassion. That day I had a sense that we would know each other for a long time. [14:28] Mass Questi: You have continued to show me that you are a man of honor and care deeply about the well being of Jedi and citizens alike.... [14:28] Neo Sion listens carefully [14:29] Mass Questi: We are very pleased by your decision to join our order..and know that you will be a tremendous asset to it. [14:29] Vinshu Blessed smiles [14:29] Neo Sion: i'll try master...errr i mean...i will [14:29] Neo Sion: heh [14:30] Mass Questi nods [14:30] Vinshu Blessed: Although I have known you for a short time Neo, I have an incredible amount of respect for you. [14:30] Neo Sion: as i have for you all... [14:30] Vinshu Blessed: I know you to be a honorable man and I believe you will make an excellent addition to our order. [14:31] Vinshu Blessed: I know that you will make us proud and pass on you that you know to others to make this galaxy a better place to live and the people in it better people themselves. [14:31] Neo Sion smiles [14:31] Vinshu Blessed nods [14:31] Neo Sion: i'll help u in all ways i can [14:31] Mass Questi: We are all Jedi. The Force speaks through us. Through our actions, the Force proclaims itself and what is real. Today we are here to acknowledge what the Force has proclaimed [14:32] Mass Questi: Step forward Padawan Sion [14:32] Neo Sion nods [14:33] Mass Questi: By the right of the Praxeum Council, by the will of the Force, I dub thee, Jedi Knight of the Praxeum [14:34] Mass Questi: Take up your saber, Sir Sion, Jedi Knight, And may the Force be with you

The Taint of the DarksideEdit

Neo Sion attempted to stay true to the path of the Jedi but he was hiding something within himself from the rest of Praxeum. After years of being a sith scholar and being so deeply drawn into the Sith teachings he could not resist the taint of the darkside. Slowly his behavior changed. In 208 ABY, New Imperial forces invaded Coruscant, occupying the planet for some years. During the invasion Praxeum and it's allies were greatly outmatched. Master Questi chose to gather the Padawans and Younglings and escape the battle in the sewers beneath the city. Neo Sion turned once again to the Dark Side prior to the invasion.... and chased Mass and the Younglings through the sewer. He didn't find them, but was able to get close enough to shout to Mass his plans for the destruction of the Jedi. Mass would describe that moment as one of the Darkest of his life. The Praxeum Order went into hiding after the invasion, seeking refuge on Kashyyyk for the duration of the occupation as Neo inflicted destruction throughout the galaxy.
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Neo Sion as a Darth Sith with Dardiel Spad