The New Trade Federation (NTF) is a separatist government which formed in response to galactic events. The NTF is a government ruled by military and political leaders. The military leaders would include The Executioner, and Supreme Commander of the NTF Military, while the political leaders would be The Viceroy and Chairmen. The government aims to create a united front within the galaxy created a true unification of systems under a government.


The New Trade Federation Heirarchy is divided into the Political aspect, and the Military aspect. Both have equal leaders but both have different roles.

The PoliticalEdit

The New Trade Federation political system is headed by Viceroy Drake Wade, who heads all political, economic, and foreign affairs. He is also Commander and Chief of the Military. He is followed by the Chairmen of the NTF Senate who would be Lady Evalla of the Obsidion Dominion who calls Senate meetings and keeps track of all senators. A senator is chosen to represent each system within the NTF. This senator is the soul key to acquiring trade, requesting protection, and all other aspects.

The NTF Senate consist of senators from all the systems under NTF control. They decide all trade agreements, alliances, proposing new laws on each system, passing the laws by vote, and handling NTF credits.

The NTF Congress consist of congressmen/women who are leaders of groups within the NTF unrelated to military. They vote on all NTF affairs, propose NTF Laws for all citizens, passing those laws, and handling representation between all factions inside the NTF.

The MilitaryEdit

The New Trade Federation military is headed by by the Navy Commodore and Army Field Commander.

The military has all rights to action taken to defend NTF and ally interests as orderd by the Viceroy himself, a declaration of war can be declared by The Viceroy, but the Senate has power to over rule his choice to take it to a vote, if the vote does not pass, war will still be declared. Skirmishes are allowed as long as The Viceroy or a Commander give the proper order.

The Branches of the NTF military are:

  • NTF Army (NTFA) - Led by Field Commander Wes Datura
  • NTF Navy (NTFN) - Led by Commodore Julio

Members of The New Trade FederationEdit

The New Trade Federation is a goverment made of several groups, all with equal power and pull within the government.

  • The New Trade Federation Armed Forces - Led by Viceroy Drake Wade followed by Field Commander Wes Datura and Commodore Julio
  • The Obsidion Dominion of Roon - Led by Queen Evalla and Lord Sinious
  • The Cult of Ragnos- Led by Overlord Zaan
  • The Order of The Sons of Daminia - Led by Unknown
  • The Government of Taris - Led by Furia
  • Jawa Clan Drikkshr - Led by Klepti Drikkshr
  • The Mustafarian Mining Corp. - Led by Foreman Yoho

Territory of The New Trade FederationEdit

The territory of the NTF are the systems (Sims) that are openly known to be within the NTF Government. Not all places are listed

  • Corulag - Capital of the New Trade Federation
  • Cato Neimodia - Economic Capital
  • Roon - Royalty of the Obsidion Dominion
  • Orto Plutonia - Bases/Cult of Ragnos home
  • Taris - Major trade center, and home of political power
  • Mustafar - A Mining post, and Military base.
  • Bespin - Embassy, and partly owned

Joining The New Trade FederationEdit

The NTF is currently being built up, we are a large force IC wise, but OOCly we still have plenty of positions and places that need to be filled. Both the Political and Military portions require new members. If your looking to join a new, growing government who already public-ally has 3 sims, an organized military, personal armour, equipment, and vehicles. Then join the NTF today!

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