Nhtan Keren

Biography Edit

Fragment of the Padawan Keren notes found in his room the day of his escape:

I probably should not be keeping this diary.

It seems absurd that a man keep a diary of his own treacherous acts. Experience has taught me to trust my instincts, however, and for some reason I need to write this.

I never knew my real parents, my master is the closest thing to a father I had. I was a child when I was identified as sensitive and claimed by the Order for a Jedi who rested a few days in our village. Like most people, I can only assume that my parents were proud that their son would be one of the chosen, who knows... we are a proud race.

I can assure you one thing now, I honestly would have preferred that everything went differently... be with others of mine, away from all this ...

But maybe the best will be to start from the beginning:

As I said, I never knew my parents, and I laugh when someone call me Iridonan, in fact, I come from somewhere in Dathomir, it's normal that people get confused... but after studying a bit of our story, my tattoos are similar to those of a tribe there. Yellow skin and black tattoos, my master was always saying that we were a strong and skilled people, that we give a fast solution to any problem, but some of us had a terrible reputation... some of my brothers they said...

I spent several years in a Jedi Temple, my life there was easy, but bored... My Master was a jedi too old to fulfill another mission in the temple that was not the training of the young Padawan. I can't deny that he was a good man, but too protective with us.

The time passed and eventually, all my knowledges grew, too much or too fast i'm not sure I was almost all my free time practicing more my skill with the lightsaber than with a book in my hands. Everything that I could know was been revealed, but although it was supposed that my training was theoretically complete I was still feeling an emptiness inside me and that made me feel unhappy. Any "compromising" question was settled with a simple "in due time." I heard that empty response so often that finally every time I heard it my frustration and resentment grew against the order that denied me the opportunity to exploit my full potential.

I needed more, I was wanting answers... the impatience grew inside me and prevented me to focus, I start to have bad dreams and nightmares and my mood swings became more and more evident...

In an innocent outdoor training with my master, something unexpected happened. After an exhausting day of training, and while we were resting under a tree, a hooded figure approached us and, without a word, attacked my master with a red lightsaber, obviously the fight was unequal although I was just a padawan and my master was too old, the Sith was not an expert. During the fight I discovered that if I focus all my frustrations and my anger in my hits they become more accurate and more powerful. Finally, my master and I beated and stripped the weapons to the hooded sith, and, blinded by my frustration I needlessly killed the dark jedi.

Obviously my old master did not agree with my acts, and all my attempts to explain my feeling only served to anger him more and more and finally he kept me alone in my room thinking about my actions...

That night I prepared my escape, leave a note to my master in my room and began my journey in search of answers ...

Perhaps many of you will regard that I am just a confused youngling, maybe some of you will try to recover me to your oppressive and archaic order, don't need bother... now I have found all the knowledge that I've always known that the jedi were hiding me... you don't really know how blind you are...

Keren Nhtan

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