Nick Halsey is the child of Grey Jedi Knight Eleanor Halsey, a young Jedi Knight who left the order after having a run in with the Dark Side of the Force, her experience taught her the hypocrisy of the Jedi Order, she was broken and ultimately, she had fallen. The details of her trail aren't well known, but she was discovered and removed from the order. Several years later Nick was born in a Repulsorlift City dedicated to an unregistered Tibanna Gas Mine, he was abused.. Tossed around, beaten, hurt in horrible ways, because of this he was afflicted by consistent memories. Nick wanted to leave, However cared for his mother as her self destructive tendencies slowly consumed her.

At the age of 26, The unregistered Tibanna gas mine was raided by the Empire, wanting all materials and to make an example of those who don't pay their taxes. they sent ground forces into the small repulsorlift city. During the Evacuation his mother attempted to fight not wanting to leave her home, she didn't pay much attention to anything but protecting her property. Eleanor was stabbed in the back by an inquisitor, Nick took her lightsaber and decided he was finally free.. He stole a YT-2400 and made his way towards Corrella, it was here he learned he was tracked by the inquisitor, with some luck he managed to best him, however lost the upper part of his left arm, a cybernetic was installed.

He briefly spent time with the Altisian Jedi, however upon running a supply mission his freighter was shot down over Dathomir by an ion weapon. Nick suffered serious head trauma in the crash forgetting almost everything about his experiences with them.. Eventually he was rescued by a group of pirates who landed in the jungle to lay low, They managed to help him get his ship in working order since it really just needed a jump start, he managed to leave and repair most the damage on the go.

Nick makes his way to Nar Shadda, and is hired to do a job for some credits he desperately needs and is sent on a suicide mission to destroy the Imperial Prison Barge Extinction. He pulls the job off killing everyone, however he is soon identified and becomes a wanted man on over 12 imperial worlds.