Nicolas "Maddog Murphy" Kryakutnoy, is a human male originally from Coruscant's lower levels. As a child Nicolas was nicknamed "Maddog" by his uncle Sereg Kryakutnoy due to his love of brawling. Nicolas put his talents to work in a career as a sergeant in Coruscant Security's Special Response Unit, Gamma Division.

Nicolas showed aptitude for flying and was enrolled in GAR's Advanced Flight Training Academy at the bequest of his superior officer, Major E'enu, a Division Deputy who was several years later in a corruption sting.

Kryakutnoy and E'enu's connections went beyond comrades in the Security force, as both were also members of the Black Sun Syndicate and frequently stole from or extorted protection money from locals. When E'enu was caught he cut a deal to provide Coruscant Security's Internal Affairs Division with information in exchange for protection and immunity.

Kryakutnoy was one of the first the Major fingered and a warrant was issued for his arrest. It is rumored that Nicolas was tipped off by a Black Sun informant working in Internal Affairs, as Nicolas was able to escape prior to being arrested. Nicolas stole the credentials of a freighter pilot and took his XS-800 ship "The Star Cluster" to Lantillies.

On Lantillies he sold the ship and the cargo of Cruise Missiles to the Mercenary outfit the Crimson Skulls, a group he subsequently signed on with under the pseudonym Murphy, and later Maddog Murphy, a tribute to his Uncle.

Nicolas worked with the Crimson Skulls for some time until he formally assumed control of the group following the retirement of its former leader, Wing. Nicholas kept the group running for a short while but lacked the charisma and business savvy of his predecessor, and so eventually merged what remained of the Crimson Skulls with the Black Dawn Syndicate.

Nicholas stayed on with the Black Dawn Syndicate and followed their rise to ascension as controlling powers on Nal Hutta. Well versed in security operations, Nicholas was appointed a Magistrate of Nal Hutta and ordered to lay out a defense plan to protect from enemy spacecraft.