Nikki Tallon is a SWRP character.


Early LifeEdit

Nikki was born on Coruscant, daughter to Sebastian Tallon, a Jedi Knight, who always wanted Nikki to be what he was. Nikki doesn't know who her mother was or is, as she abandoned Nikki shortly after her birth and her family never told her about her mother, they just said she was dead. Nikki believes her mother died, but she also suspects her mother could be alive, alone or with the Mandalorians or Sith, as a prisioner or member. She also lived with her grandmother, Janelle Tallon, a very old lady who helped her son with his daughter. They lived in a very simple house, where Nikki was raised for six years. Their neighborhood was not very calm, but they were friendly.

A few days after Nikki's sixth birthday, Mandalorians invaded her house. Sebastian attempted to protect his daughter and his mother, but was he killed. Nikki and Janelle could still run away, as there were just a few Mandalorians there, and with the help of Janelle's friends, they could move to other planet and escape from those killers.

For the next years, Nikki was raised by her grandmother on Corellia, along with the ones who helped them to move to that planet. Janelle was a wise woman, and taught Nikki as much as a young girl needed to learn, mainly about Jedi. Nikki quickly became the most intelligent among her friends. Janelle always wanted Nikki to be a Jedi, but encouraged her to keep her studies as a priority.

When Nikki was thirteen, one of Janelle's friends offered her to be trained by him for free. He was an experienced adventurer and very smart man, but he was often in trouble with other clans, many times being near death. Nikki and her grandmother were very anxious and excited waiting for the first class, which would be in one week. She already had some training and was very thin and flexible, what helped her with her agility and reflexes.

Seven days later, the man arrived very earlier, while the class was supposed to be in the evening or at night. Nikki and Janelle were at the kitchen, having breakfast. He was very nervous and told them to run away while they had time, because the Mandalorians were again trying to kill him, and now it was serious and they were all in danger. Nikki and her grandmother thought the man was just nervous and they didn't worry about him, but shortly after they discovered he was right, as some Mandalorians arrived and invaded the house.

Janelle was already in her early 90s and, with the bad surprise, she had a heart attack and died in a few minutes, whispering to Nikki her last words. Nikki still had time to listen to Janelle's words and could escape through a small window, while the Mandalorians were trying to kill the man. She looked for help, but anyone appeared.

Going to RuusanEdit

She spent a few days walking in the streets, looking for help. She eventually found a strange wookiee and told him she wanted to be trained to be a Jedi, as her grandmother and her father always wanted. The wookiee told her they could go to Ruusan in the other day. In their way to Ruusan, Nikki slept during the trip and when she woke up, she noticed they were not going to Ruusan. Quickly, the spaceship had a problem and failed, landing on Ossus.

Both Nikki and the wookiee had passed out during the accident and when she woke up, the wookiee was no longer there. She walked around the planet, trying to find some help. She found a human family that helped her with a place to live and something to eat. Nikki always walked around the planet, looking for something she could use to build her devices. She then sold her equipments and keept her money, to actually go to Ruusan. When she was nineteen, she finally had enough money. Nikki took a spaceship to Ruusan to be trained as a Jedi, to make her dream to come true.

Arriving on Ruusan and Joining The NOJEdit

When she arrived on Ruusan, she spent one week around the planet, until when she met Evelyn Syaka, a Jedi who interviewed her. She then was accepted as a Jedi Initiate.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Nikki is very nice to her friends and masters, and generally nice to the ones who are nice her. She is helpful and takes care of her friends as she takes care of herself. Sometimes she is feisty and sarcastical, but just when she is really angry. She can easily get angry in a bad or boring situation. She would defend her friends for her masters if necessary, but she keeps good relationships with her masters as she does with her friends. She is emotional, and cries easily when she remembers oris reminded of her past. She doesn't feel guilty easily.