"You ever call me 'mando' again aruetii? and I'll rip your jaw off and make myself a tiara out of it. I'm a Mando'ad, and proud"

— Niv Dralshy'a

Niv Dralshy'a, full name Niv Oyev-Vevut Dralshy'a, was a Echani-Kiffar female Mandalorian Alor[1], of Clan Dralshy'a.

Niv's skin is covered in heavy scars turned to tattoos, of all kinds, she is extremely lithe, muscular and athletic, the only fat on her body being what had accumulated during her pregnancy naturally


Early LifeEdit

Niv Dralshy'a was born on Bakura sometime 30 to 35 years before the construction of The Third Death Star. To the Kiffar Mandalorian (and Ex-Sith) Zrek Vevut Oyev, and Echani Mandalorian Fira Ghent Oyev. Both were sent to Bakura as advance scouts to the jungles to prepare settling of an colony for Clan Vevut. Niv's early years were normal, spent in the Jungles of Bakura, Niv was clearly Force sensitive. a fact Zrek and Fira desperately tried to hide. like Jango Fett, they had planned to educate their ad (mando'a for daughter or son) in the Traditions of the Mando'ade upon reaching the age at which their training could begin. however, this was not to be, for at age 8 her parents discovered a Sith led Imperial Presence on the planet, Zrek being Kiffar and a former sith himself figured they had tracked him there to kill them ,and claim their daughter for their academy. flying into a rage, he plotted an ambush to destroy the Sith and Imperials all at once. the plan backfired horribly, for the Sith Lord had predicted the trap, and reversed it. The two Mandalorians fought hard, killing the Sith Lord even before a Blast from a Walkers turbolaser cooked them inside their armor. Niv had watched all this from a nearby ship, horrified by what she saw, she waited for them to search elsewhere for her. Without the Sith to guide them, they were unable to find Her. Young Niv then ran to her Parents bodies, and retrieved their armor, weapons and buried them. she fought her way across the Galaxy, stealing, working as a mercenary, bounty hunter and... even... other things. Trying to find her way back to her family, until 14 years later she found her way... to Mos Eisley.


After arriving in Tatooine, now wearing the tattered cobbled together plates of her parents armor, Niv Oyev had her first encounter with other Mando'ade in fourteen years. meeting Yom Nole, Tyro 'Gutter' Votino and several others. they adopted her for the moment to give her a home until she met Verex Las Vevut and Asp Vevut. an Aging Nautolans and Alor'ad[2] and Alor[1] of Vevut Aliit[3]. They took her to Bakura where Asp revealed why her Father had moved there, and her heritage and past. She was formally adopted and given the name Niv Oyev Vevut. Trained to Verd[4]

Child of mandalore, mandalorianEdit

Alorship,Discovery, and MarriageEdit

Once again. Niv Vevut met The then Wife of Tyro 'Gutter' Votino. Lumine Dralshy'a. during this Time Asp had dissapeared to a war in the outer rim after promoting her to Ruus'alor[5], but leaving No Alor'ad in his stead.

Lumine being the one who had removed her right arm,she befriended her after a chat about why Lumine hated Vevut so much. and a deal was struck, Niv would take over Alor'ship of Clan Dralshy'a and use it to merge it into Vevut'aliit. during this time, she met Jaing Dralshy'a , who had been taught by a former Vevut Alor Kal Vevut. the two became a couple and eventually married.

Meanwhile, Niv had thanks to Lumine's suspicions discovered Niv was in Fact a half Kiffar, and more and more of her Kiffar genes began to take precedence. While Niv discovered that Asp had gone missing completely, she also discovered that the near dead Aliit'Dralshy'a might be worth saving after-all. Joining the Solus'Mando'ade (United Mandalorians) , she eventually earned the respect of the other Alore[6] and secured a seat on their council. Dralshy'a however remained small at this time.

Pain of Loss, and New Life and Love Edit

After her to Jaing and the aquisition of Teroch Bral by Clan Kata. Niv's life is once again riddled with pain by the loss of her Vod Lumine, and Her adopted Buir Asp Vevut, Lumine, after having left her husband, was killed by A'denla Kad Soccarras. Asp having Died of old age after escaping from the captivity of the Dar'jetii whom he once was one of. After the massacre of Vevut aliit on Bakura.

Shortly after, the events leading to the war between the Galactic Unity clans and the UM clans which never really happened caused a slow rift to build between Jaing.

Niv had also during this time fled from Tatooine. fearing Imperial Wrath after her burst of outrage against the Imperial Senator. she had brought her clan to The Order of Rowe at a suggestion from Adun a fellow alor and friend of Darth Rowe, an agreement for mutual protection and housing was reached, it was then that Niv met the man whom she would eventually fall deeply in love with, Alakar Xyvern.

Jaing wanted to Join Tyber Kassar's Crime Syndicate , against Niv's Orders. insisting upon it. Niv finally agreed to at least meet this person, finding that he was an arrogant, foolhardy, sexist, delusional fool with mad dreams of galactic domination. Niv left and called her Vode[7] to come with her. Jaing refused, after saying nothing to the insulting way kassar had spoken to her, after standing by his side and not hers, and after refusing to come with her, something in Niv snapped. the then pregnant woman demanded he come with her , or it was over. Jaing refused. and Niv in tears and anger divorced him on the spot, and kicked him from her clan.

She fell into the arms of Alakar, whom had joined Dralshy'a and was no longer dar'manda[8]. Through a strange version of the Kiffar object empathy. Niv and Alakar glimpsed into each others hearts and minds. seeing each other's entire lives of pain and hardship, finding solace in one another, Niv had found a bit of peace. Jaing shortly after this came to see her. to try to apologize, Niv went beserk and stabbed him, when he shot at her stomach however, Alakar used a mindwipe device to erase Jaings memory of everything after first meeting Niv. Other Alore[6] took this hard and demanded she apologize for not killing him, which she did.

A Few months later, Niv gave birth to her Son: Jatne Kar'am Dralshy'a, surrounded by her vode[7], and some of the Order of Rowe Sith.

It was not long after that Niv was challenged by Kana, the former Alor'ad of Dralshy'a when Caden (the original Dralshy'a Alor) was Alive. Niv Soundly defeated Kana removing her arms on her Yaim on Endor, Kana Left in shame with her failure. soon after, the United Mandalorians dissolved finally, Reforming Under Tyro and Bobbika as Ne'ruug Mando'ade. and a new crusade was declared, Dralshy'a being one of the clans to Join.


The New Crusades were to be against the enemies of the Mando'ade, all those aruetiise[9] who no longer feared and respected Mando'ade.

a new fortress built on the old site of an ancient clone wars battle, Xagobah to act as a staging point.

Niv Originally agreed to this in order to gain the spoils of war and to make profits for her Employer, Mandalmotors, however, it soon became clear that Tyro's trust in Bobika was misplaced as he revealed himself to be an arrogant, hotheaded, and rashly thinking indivdual. Niv demanded he be removed from his position and replaced with someone more reasonable, such as her old Friend Yom Nole, or she would pull her clan out, and with it,

The Crusades Fell Apart as the clans dispersed again, Tyro being unable to remain a steadfast leader of so many, and Bobika Completely inept.

Thule, Franchisement, and Support of Mand'alorEdit

As the Crusade idea fell apart, Niv brought her clan to the depth of Sith Space on Thule , and established a popular cantina and restaurant there. a far cry from the Fortress she had lived in on Xagobah, but much closer to Mandalore..

she watched her clan steadily grow as her cantina increased in success, her position at Mandalmotors had become more of a laid back executive one, rather than an Active engineering role, still she continued supplying Designs for new ships and weapons, Eventually Rolling out the Pursuer II and III gunships. Around this time, Niv had noticed that an Old Associate had laid claim to the title of Mand'alor, after hearing her out, she nodded quietly her support of Rhubardin Darasuum as Mand'alor The Travelor, traveling to Dxun when she answered a challenge from Tyro, who despite being gravely wounded during the fight continued to fight on until both were near the point of death. To Niv, Tyro had been defeated the moment he lost his arm, and the extra damage done to Mand'alor was just trying to ignore the truth.

Some time After, though, on Kuat, the Elders of the most prominent clans at that point, representing all that could be assembled were called by Mandalore. Who wanted to know why some were calling for her execution and why a few clans were declaring loudly to anyone who would listen that they were dar'manda if they supported Mand'alor as a counterpoint some of the clans supporting Rhubardin declared the naysayers pledging violence as Neo-death watch. The Assembly was called to end it after another challenge to her title left a man ripped to shreds on Enceri. Rhubardin agreed that since she was not needed as a war leader, she would retire the mask, and the clans there agreed , no new Mandalore would be named until all the clans there agreed on one together.

Meanwhile, Niv continued to grow in wealth as she purchased a cantina on Lok, and in the stenness Hyperspace terminal, having both a successful business franchise, a large bank account ,pension from Mandalmotors and royalties to come in for nearly life. and with the expectation of twin children, she considered something she'd never thought she'd live to confront: Retirement

Nomadic Life, Loss, and rebuildingEdit

Niv's prosperity was, short lived. after returning from Mandalore after birthing her latest additions to the Family, Niv began reaching out to her former holdings. However, due to the Alliance greed, Niv lost most of her personal funding, her identity had been stolen and she had but a fraction of the credits or assets she once had. however, this did not deter her, While working on new projects for Mandalmotors to regain some of her lost fortune,while drifting from place to place, she found temporary basing with the remnants of the Ori'mareve clan who had joined hers, with Yom Nole and Kaz Rahiz, and Tess'ari Cayuga among those in the Fold Now, Dralshy'a was a powerful clan and a Force to behold.

Campaign of DestructionEdit

Niv set about the Galaxy with many of her clanmates on Daring Raids on Jedi and Republic Targets, As an act of revenge against them, she began a terrifying campaign of Piracy, Violence, and strategic striking. stealing resources wherever she could, food ,drink, goods, ore, bacta, machinery, her main targets were Outer Rim worlds holding Jedi enclaves on them, and soft republican targets. Yavin, Dantooine, Naboo, Corellia,Ruusan, Gromas 16, all these worlds felt the lance of Dralshy'a's fury. The Clan established a small tattoo parlor, and Bar with a dug out underden in the bowels of Nar Shaddaa's Undercity . The Final stroke in the campaign was The Annihilation of Theed. After Sith Imperial Forces had captured The City, using Borrowed Mandal craft piloted on droid skeleton crews and a Few Mandalorians within the clan, several large vessels entered the Naboo system's space and wiped out the Sith Defense fleet left to await occupation ground forces. Niv, and an Ally named Zepp Landed in the City and made their way through killing the small number of guards left there before ransacking the abandoned city, loading up millions of credits of valuable, before evacing out and signalling a Nuclear Orbital Bombardment of the city, sinking it's ruins beneath the World Ocean.

Te Talyc Mand'alorEdit

Soon Niv's Warpath began to reveal a larger goal, her raids were intent on gathering resources, testing new battle strategies, and tactics and building a reputation in the galaxy as a commander as well as a clan leader and warrior. Niv soon met Ani'la soccarras, the son of A'denla Kad. Being informed of a Dangerous new Pretender who sought to lead the Mandalorians into another era of Sith Manipulated bloodshed, she swore to stop that from happening. She called a meeting of clan elders and alore at Olankur where Niv spoke about how the Mandalorians had been drifting apart of late, the civil wars had quieted, but stagnation had threatened the warrior clans for too long, the bitter fighting between old rivals though quiet caused a cold war where no one took action and the culture was slowly dying off. she proposed that a New Mandalore be selected to lead The Mandalorians. The Would be Pretender Fedhar was in attendance, and immediately Ani'la stood up and revealed his treachery, most agreed however, that a Mand'alor would be chosen then, but disagreed on how, some favored an election another favored a tournament, after much bickering, finally Vhe'tra Kata, a Brave Verd stood up and declared it would be done in the ways of our ancestors, He declared himself Mandalore at that moment and dared any who wished to fight for that position do so and challenge him in rite of battle.. Gro'Adett Skirata followed, and after nearly killing vhe'tra, Did battle with Niv, who seeing the moment of opportunity, seized upon and Defeated Gro'adett, who was already wounded from his battle with Vhe'tra, but refused to let that stop the battle, he waited for Niv to finish him, when she stated she would not kill a defeated opponent. Koss Ne'tra Orar was the First of Her Challengers, and the two fought much of the night in fierce combat, none claiming a true upper hand until both had been so injured continuing would kill them both, Niv refusing to Yield, and neither would Koss, they mutally relented to agree to fight when they had recovered, naming Niv Dralshy'a the New Mand'alor in the meantime.

Smiting the PretenderEdit

Niv did not wait until her wounds were healed to dispatch Fedhar who had begun calling himself Mandalore despite having clearly been proven to be not even considerable for the position, Niv Confronted him, at which point he refused to fight ,insisting he had a right to call himself what he wished and be left alone, Niv refused to let what she viewed as immense blasphemy stand and immediately attacked, and gave chase. After an relentless offensive from the Horn Helmed Mando'ad Fedhar found his attempts at defense completely powerless to stop her advance, after being coated in napalm and removing his armor for fear of burning, he used the guise of wishing to fight blade to blade without armor. Niv now infuriated by his use of steadily heavier weapons are more and more by Mandalorian standards dishonorable tactics, after what she viewed as blasphemy and treason, she ,believing the pretender had forfeited any such right to such honor ,merely shot Fedhar. Which while not killing him, did incapacitate him allowing her to remove his scalp brutally, she began to wear it as a trophy. much later,

After this event Koss Ne'tra Orar Contacted her stating he no longer wished to continue their fight, believing she to be capable in the role of Mand'alor and it was necessary to continue the fight. But Before then, an assassination attempt would be made on her by a Trandoshan, and she would be called out by a Chistori Hutt bouncer named Jaxx.The Trandoshan was easily fought off, and Jaxx never attempted to get back in contact with her, During this time, however, Fedhar who before Niv's claiming the title of Mand'alor had amassed allies in outlying younger Mandalorian clans, had begun gathering slaver and criminal gang allies in the Blood talon Syndicate, a smalltime but vicious slaver syndicate, Fedhar had been talking about how he planned to continue his plans despite his defeat, and claimed Niv was a savage coward, Niv confronted him face to face, and Fedhar under the illusion of cowing and submitting, recorded the event in an attempt to rally support behind her back to usurp her. little did Fedhar know, all of his allies in the Mandalorian clans had heard of his defeat, and he it had come, and thus had contacted Niv swearing fealty. During the conspiratory meeting Fedhar arranged, at least 4 clans were feeding her information as it was happening, the conspiracy was collapsed before it began, and shortly thereaftor, Fedhar's armor had been melted down, and he was finally killed by his own slave in rebellion against him. Kaz Rahiz brought his head to Niv as a gift, she performed taxidermy upon it and mounted it upon her mantle as a trophy.

Duel on Alaris PrimeEdit

After Dealing with Fedhar, Niv had one last challenger to overcome before she could begin the work of rebuilding the Mandalorians: Defeating the Last Mandalore in Battle. Rhubardin Had challenged Niv to a Duel on Alaris prime, Oversaw by members of various clans, Niv and Rhubardin fought near a ruined temple for hours in a fierce duel utilizing their entire arsenals, but ultimately it had come down to sheer tenacity and quick wit, though Rhubardin was fierce and her offensive staggering, But Niv's Determination and Savage brutality in combat allowed her to pound her opponent with blow after blow, Until a rocket explosion brought the Felacatian Mandalorian Down for the count. Niv, now Heavily Injured, stood bloodied and battered in the rain, but stood she did. She declared in a booming voice "I am Te Talyc Mand'alor!"

A New Cause to Rally to, and a People United again.Edit

Once her challengers were met, and her doubters fell silent, Te Talyc Mand'alor began the work of gathering resources to rebuild a Mandalorian Armada strong enough to secure the Mandalore Sector of space, and to rally the clans together to do that. After meeting with Emperor Validus on Byss, She signed a Non-aggression pact with the Sith Empire opening up trade, and ensuring no open hostilities would wage between Mandalorians and the Sith. she then using looted Sith Artifacts from Onderon, purchased a fleet of Older Star Destroyers being decommissioned and began refurbishing and upgrading them to Mandalorian shields, a Fleet of twelve Imperator Class Star Destroyers, with upgraded shielding, Turbo-lasers, Hyperdrives, Hull plating, and adding Mass Driver Railguns to them, this complimented a fleet of dozens of Tra'kad and besu'liik Starfighters, Crusader Corvette gunships, Pursuer,Pursuer II and III class Gunships, and several Keldabe Class Battleships and Aggressor Class Star Destroyers. though without enough men and equipment to supply and man the fleet,they needed resources. and So Niv moved her fleet, after consulting with the Revenant Armada Marauder Sgt Millie Tanner, Into the Y'toub System and Launched an exploratory Party on Nal Hutta, Finding Galactic Dominion Forces, Hostilities between the two groups soon sparked, The Dominion Eventually leaving the world, and with a new deal with the Hutts, The Mandalorians began to mine the minerals from the World, in exchange for Armament Contracts with the Cartel, Meanwhile, she had approached her homeworld of Bakura, the home of a Star-crossed Grand army of the republic battallion caught in the present by a bad inertial compensator , with an offer. Following the Collapse of the PGA Bakura needed allies. and So Niv began negotiations to accept Bakura as a Mandalorian world to offer them protection.

These Events spread through the galaxy like wildfire, word began to spread through a newly launched Galaxy wide Relay Network Called the Karbakar Comm network, That A New Mand'alor had arisen and given a cause and purpose to Mandalorian arms again, having re-established the Protectors under the Command of Al'verd Zepp Takur, and Chartered a Goran Guild of Smiths and Craftsmen to begin building Warforges again, The Mandalorians, from all clans ,creeds, walks of life, parts of the galaxy and philosophy began to gather to Te Talyc Mand'alor, restless for a new cause for which to fight for, for a chance to see glory and prosperity returned to their people or the chance to fight a battle worth fighting, petty squabbles between long time rivals had been set aside, the most argumentive of the clans who had contributed to the recent decades infighting and civil unrest all but Vanished, the timing was perfect for a new Mandalorian Armada and Cause to rise up, and for the first time in decades Niv accomplished what None of recent generations ever could: She United The Mandalorians into One Faction and Force again.

Appearance, Personality ,and TraitsEdit

Niv was known to be talkative, and spoke most of the time with an accent attributed to a Keldabe Dialect That was reminiscent of Fenn Shysa. Her Natural Hair color was White, though she often died it to black or red, decorating it with rings and styling it into dreadlocks. She Often spoke in Poetic or prose like ways, going off into passionate tangents based upon her religious views. She is Highly religious and adheres to the outdated and antiquated Mandalorian Religion,Worshiping Kad Har'angir. And another Lesser known Deity called Kad Goran, whom she claims it the Mandalorian God of the Forge. Due to her advanced cybernetics her brain chemistry occasionally is altered causing spells of temporary impulsiveness and mood swings. Her normal Demeanor is a calm, often motherly and down to ground personality, with aggressive tendencies, and vigor. She had a Fierce temper and bloodthirstiness when going into battle which would be equatable to a Beserker, but it was quiet, and mostly controlled. She had a cybernetic eye which constantly whirred and moved scanning everything, and a cybernetic right arm which was dramatically larger than her left from the powerful construction, most of her body was heavily tattooed ,her eyes had a black complex set of tattoos encircling them in a block. She is powerfully built and Very tall. in full armor she is an imposing figure, easily standing over seven feet tall from heel to horntip.

Mando'a Lexicon Edit

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