"partnership turns to friendship, friendship turns to love,love leads to pain as pain leads to a dark path... "

— Aron trynus(said in 3000 BBY)


On Aran IV it is tradition for new born royalty to have there future predicted. Nowa and Duke's future was that they were going to save the planet from imperial grasp. Not that special huh? Well Aran IV is filled with one of the most valuble mineral of the galaxy, a new mineral named "zinix". The sith empire's could use this planet to become wealthy or wealthier.

The PastEdit

The ChildhoodEdit

Nowa was born in 216 ABY as prince of Aran IV. When Nowa was a boy, Duke Trynus, Nowa's brother, and him went to the alleys behind there house.they were playing with a ball when two mustafarian boys came and stoll there ball. Duke told them to give it back but they responded by beating him, nowa got mad and found a rusty pipe and hit the biggest mustarfarian boy. His skills were that of a jedi youngling. Nowa's mother was watch and smilled while whispering to her self "my boy is alreading showing skills of a jedi." Then she came out and told the boys to hand over the ball, after she got it she told them to scram off.later that month duke went to stay with their grandpa while nowa stayed to enter a pod race. Later when duke left to coruscant the pod race started. A sith lord came to the planet. The sith lord landed near the pod race, far enough for nowa's parentes to see. Sense one was part of the R.E.F(Rebel Elite Force) and the other one was a jedi, they knew they had to stop him. In the heat of the battle, the sith lord killed nowa's parents. When he won the race he saw his parents wasn't there and got sad, thinking they left. Later a jedi living on Aran was watching the race and saw nowa's parents leave. He didnt go after them till he saw the sad face on nowa. He found there body's and informed nowa. He toke nowa to the jedi temple on coruscant. Nowa later informed is brother on holochat and sense duke also to young to rule Aran IV he too was brought to the temple were they both trained as jedi. But nowa train mostly for reveange on the sith lord.


As a jedi, nowa realizes that revange is wrong and leads to the darkside. One day nowa wanted to show his bravery, but he didnt know how until a attack on the temple. Nowa was scared especially sense it was raze who attacked. The jedi's numbers were depleting, nowa desided to attack raze alone. He fought bravly against the fiend but raze poisoned him later in the battle. Nowa fainted from lack of energy and woke up in the infirmary. He then got out a bacta tank and went in another room were he saw is friend anubis who also was poisoned by raze. Nowa showed is passionate side and used all his force to heal his friend. Later that year he ran away and toke a shuttle to yavin 4 were he met Miratae Avro, or mira. Bout the time they were able to tall each other's names, nowa had to go to find an old friend. When he found his friend, who was a adult jedi who helped nowa in the past, his friend told nowa he was to young to travel unsupervised and contacted the grand master of the ilum order to take him home. Later nowa thought he should leave the ilum sense they couldnt find him a master and he became a rogue jedi.

Present DayEdit

In 221 ABY, nowa met a sith known as darth goldshark,who used the force to shapeshift. This sith was a zorbak who turned nowa to the darkside. As a sith, nowa wanted to get closer to the sith lord who killed his parents. Nowa and his new master went to korriban for his sith training. The next year, in 222 ABY, nowa and his master join the old war of Coruscant. During the war nowa was just 6 years old but still attended the war. During the war a trooper found nowa and told him to move because he was in the way but nowa looked at him and laugh. Nowa was thinking "If i go to the temple the jedi's well never think i was a sith, so ill go in and kill the grand master." On his way to the temple he go shot by a clone, sense it was a miss fire, the clone toke nowa to the medbay in the temple. Nowa awakened. He went out to the bridge inside the temple to looked at all the jedi fall to their nee's by the sith. Later that year nowa's quest of finding the sith Lord came to in end when he found out the sith died during the war. So nowa then desided rejoin the jedi, his master on the other hand left into the darkness of the war never to be seen again.

Darth Goldshark's returnEdit

A few years later nowa became a member of The rebblion on the Imperial, led by bbgun goldshark, who this time was dicissed as a furrian jedi. Bbgun at the time was a sith but nowa didnt know yet he was to weak in the force to sense it. A few weeks after the great seperation of the rebblion, nowa and his master went to an unchatted jungle planet to hide a jedi holocron, but nowa toke it out its hiding place minutes later and gave it to the jedi. It had plans for the next attack on tatooine. Nowa then realized that his master was a sith when they went on a mission. Bbgun used the darkside powers on a pirate they were hunting. Later that month nowa fought bbgun on a uncharted planet but nowa was afraid to kill is master and there was no help around to aid him. During the battle nowa got tired and stop fighting and his master knocked him out with a fierce strike, thinking he killed him. A rebel ship came to pick up bbgun and one member saw nowa. A few hours later that rebel came to pick up nowa. Nowa woke up on a outpost three months later in a medbay, it turns out nowa was in a comma but a short one that lasted three months about the same time bbgun left the rebblion. Nowa then toke over it and then , knowing that he can't ran it alone, established a council one that he his in. Then, he made three grand masters so if one leader dies the group want collapse and another leader will take over.

Family civil warEdit

In 228 ABY, Duke turned to the darkside for what most dark jedis turn for, power.(to be continued :P)

Ships and VehieclesEdit

Aran sand speeder

Jedi interceptor( Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor) with his astromech droid R5-K1


To be contined

Abilities/Lightsaber StyleEdit


nowa is a great pilot(depending on how fast my comp is) he also has great sportsmen ship and is a remarkable leader for someone is age.

Force AbilitesEdit

Force push-Average

Force pull-weak

Force heal-very weak

Electric judgement (Force lighting for jedi's)Average

Lightsaber stylesEdit

Form I:Shii-cho

Form II: Makashi