Name: Nyt'imas Shade Profession: Combat Specialist / Assassin / Thief / Robotics Engineering / Nano Technology / Dj (Sl Dj) Age: Unknown. Sex: Male (An yes plz!) Race: Cybernetic Organism (cyborg) Serial Number: 177169 Force User: Yes (through the usage of the force imbued life crystal Klaara stone) Force Alignment: Neutral Dark


Nyt had exchanged his body back in early era's to a well renowned professor under the empire of cybergenetic implants. Dr. Mictaggart Elomorisa. Releasing his body to experimental program known as Project: X12. In this project of experimental weapons tech of stealth technology. Which brought forth the new improved stealth armored stealth suit, Infiltrator mk II. With advanced optic light bending technology an under very gruesome combat training Nyt became a well known assassin an infiltrator for the empire. Though with a memory wipe an discarded as yesterdays trash as a new model of infiltration units became available thanks to the research done. He was sent out on a sucide assignment. The battle turned sour quickly an he was forced into running.

With his ship shot down an crash landing somewhere near a docile an empty place of the moon later called Nar Shadda. The steath suit had saved his existance. While the Endair Wraith Mk II took sever damage he found himself waking from an unconscious state to having no memory. Possible of a security program installed for mind wipe incase of capture was triggered. With his body mostly machine an his brain kept in a small black container that would serve as a transfer zone after a recent assualt by some disgruntal sith lords. Maeko a woman of skilled cybernetic talents remodeled his body for more combat an defensive purposes to serve the Great Hutts. After serving with Frost as his commanding officer. He was entrusted by Majordormo Lady Tanya. Translator an leaince of Darmutta the Hutt. With recent aggressions dealing with a voxyn hound. That body was quickly dismembered in the engagement. An on the verge of death yet again he was salvaged by a young red skinned twi'lek, Adapt in robotics an smuggling she brought his 'brain box' onboard her ship where she hooked him up to the onboard ships computers to maintain life support. Walking her threw the needed changes of an old sexual slave android body that he would take up for his own.

As time progressed Nyt worked secretly on his own design for a better body. Though it would be at a great cost an strenious enginuity. With an alien appearance figured in would suit best for setting a visible level of fear. Mixing metal with organic bio mass. A new body was formed. XM-01. Xenomorph model 01. This newly enhanced cybernetic body contained Nanonite technology, mixing that within the contents of the organic flesh an metal. The armor structrural integrity was reduced in trade off for regenitve cellur compound. Self powered with Ionic deverter power cells this advanced cybernetic body proved to be a rather substantial outbreak. Combined with his combat knowledge made it even more threatening. With Plasma Gause cannons mounted to the shoulders, internal Jet pack for increased mobility. Four sets of titanium durasteel allowed claws. Unlike the previous model which had only cannons for its arms this model incorperated hand like structure. Allowing for graspin an holding of additional armements as needed. {C Furthering his skills into becoming well reknowned cybertechian. A newer model came out, utilizing more mechanical components an Saber crystals. Presented below, The model utylized a new saber arm that quickly had its draw backs. Aside from the the factor of intimidation he quickly shelved the idea an focused further developements on nanotechnology. Thus generated a new body.

Threw this tech he has generated a new breed of power armor. One that couples to the cybernetics of his body but allow for a quick ejection incase mobility became in issue. The need to transfer from one body becoming less of a need. Able to withstand a tremendous damage an maintain functionality. Although not saber resistant persay, the enslaved nanonites offer continous regenative properties. Although the process is a bit slow do to the moliclear build of precious alloys. The power suit CO-177 'Defender' became most used over the rest. Being both verstile an effective. Plus the added appearance seems to settle better with the public eye. As things progressed, Shade had mastered the art of cybernetics an furthered his education with Nanonite technologies. Creating the next evolution in cyborg bodies. MD/NS (Molicular Distortion Nano Suit) had become in use after the orbital drop from the space station of Nar Shadda. The previous body having to become mostly destroyed from the entry burn when attempting to fullfill a bounty an discreetly murder the known jedi Serenity Kato.

(Force powers nulled against player: mind reading, mind trick, choke, lighting, and other element based dmg [fire, ice, etc], For meter battles please be curtious an refrain from use of such powers.)

With the MD/NS body Shade is able to apply a eiother parts or full body power suit. Which could effectively increase likely chances of survival. Aswell the Klaara Crystal seemed to take to the new body better. Using the body as a source to amplify the abilities of the Force. Precious alloys rare to the universe had been haversted to construct the finalized master piece. Thus fusing his actual brain waves with the crystal itself an becoming one an the same with the entity with in completely eliminated the need for the 'black box' that contained the organic matter itself. Over the time Shade moved from Nar shadda after interactions of hostile nature from the Hapan queen, serving as guard detail on the newly formed city of Bengat. Observing the interactions an becoming a bit of party animal he fell away from the life of conflict an combat. After serving his time on bengat he took to the club known as Smugglers Paradise. There he Disc jockeied a new life spinning music. Thinking that things would was away with time. Time passed an it was enjoyable. First time he hade been at peace with himself. Holding events an parties at hte club became a rather profitable business. Taking his earnings to construct the Shade Music Industries space station that was docked orbiting the station of Pallas Athena. Where he held frequent night parties an private place for people to go an have a fun time at a reasonable price. All was going as planned an progressed untill bounty hunters came to claim the grand mother of prizes. The cyborg himself. A long conflicting battle left many wounded and dead.Which inncluded the loss of his beloved slave, Sehae. Resulting a large ship to enter the system an wipe the station out an all those aboard.

With the destruction of SMI Station an Shade having been severly injured an the crippled remains left to float freely in space with little to no hope of recovery. Shade would have found himself waking upon Yavin IV after three years of floating aimlessly in space. A young jedi took to kind to lend medical aid the best they could with in the limitation of their compounds. As the cyborg recovered and was released from medical care. He was spotted out by his unblooded sister Kaelinn 'Baby Girl X' who took him in an offered residance within her new position as Majordomo for the Hutt Clan Nasirii run by the hutt known as Belutric. The hutt was excited to see the cyborg Shade survival an thus offered position of ranking as General to take lead of the great hutts Enforcer squadron. Shade had come to find that Nar Shadda alone had changed not only in construction but in leading Hutt lord. He now once more serves unquestionably an dilagantly for the Nasirii Clan... thus the story continues...

Cybernetic bodiesEdit

MD/NS Mk I Force ModelEdit


MD/NS Mk I Force Model

Armor Class: 1-3

Fast an nimble this model of body allows with the use of the Klaara Crystal to access an tap the force, The crystal itself being a living entity to be utilized to transfer the minor force abilities. Klaara Crystals had been originally educated back in the long days of the Jedi/sith feuds by a jedi master. These crystals given robotic bodies to use to live, over time these force wielding machines had been known as the Iron Knights. Furthering his knowledge with nanonite technology an armor power suit constructions. This model of body has become one of the most sophisticated an advanced it makes the previous model bodies rather obsolete. With a humanoid resemblance it is easier to blend into crowds, aswell as move about unnoticed. Yet the newly developed body still holds an retains like some of the others strong resistances against elements such as fire, ice, acids, electrical. An able to take one hell of a beating of impacts. Allowing the model to not only take tremendous amounts of damage but allowed atmospheric orbital drop from space an not burn up on entry. With nanonite tech to keep the body fully operational, should he fall in combat it would only take about five to ten minutes based on mount of damage sustained for a suitable recovery. This model is truely the most outstanding amongst the rest.

Shigimi XM Mk IIEdit

Shigimi XM Mk II

Shigimi XM Mk II

Armor Class: 6

Nanonite/Saber Crystal model. Regenitive

Mobility: Very Fast

Armaments: High Velocity Missle(High explosive), Cryogenetic Impact Grenades, Ionic Fusion Powered Arm Blade(Right arm), Heavy Partical Projection Cannon[PPC] (Left Arm), Fusion Thrusters.

Power Supply: Tachyeon Fusion Crystals. After long an hard strenious work an research. This model incorperates the fusion of Saber Crystals an Nanonite Regenitive technology. This armored mobile body can with stands a sigificant punch. An with a right arm saber blade makes it even more lethal then previous XM-01 Model. Limited in weapons however the left arm Nail Cannon can still toss out a heavy impact for ranged combat. As well discharge modified Cryogenetic Impact grenades to cause even more of a mess. This model of body is the crowning jewel of all cybernetic inhanced bodies developed by Nyt'imas Shade. An cause of its rarity of supplies to create the uber war machine it cannot be duplicated. With regenitive armor planting an an endless power supply, this body can with stand even the tremendous depths of cold of deep space. Although it lacks defensive measure against extreme heat an is often warm to the touch from the heavy electrical current produced. Though can still withstand heated temps just a under ten thousand kelvins. Although the lack of hands makes this style of body not the best used for infilitration tactics or information gathering more so the better off as a Sith/Jedi removal or assualt/guard tool.




Armaments: Guided rocket barrage missle. 2x shoulder mounted Plasma Guase cannons, 4x titanium durasteel claws. Armor Class: 8 nanonite regentive Mobility: Fast Power supply: Twin Ionic Deverter power cells. Additions: External plugin ports. Allowing access to quite literally 'plug himself in' to any computer with port access. Special note: Brain being 'boxed' allows for transfer to adaptable cybernetic bodies. Thus allowing the unit to transfer between alternate bodies as needed for the job or task required for completion

Android Mk V slaveEdit

Android Mk V Slave

Android Mk V slave

Armaments: None

Armor Class: 0 Mobility: Very Fast Power Supply: Internal Ion power cells

Infiltrator MK IIEdit

Infiltrator MK II

Infiltrator MK II

Armaments: Built in wrist blaster. Steath Field(Cloak). Built on Jump pack.

Armor Class: 5 Mobility: Average Power Supply: Duel Ion Fusion power cells.